The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 6 Recap.

Age Differences, Spanish Soap Operas, and a Lot of Bad Grammar

“You made me found my damn voice.”

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Welcome back to all who have been here before & welcome here to anyone who has not! I’m here to recap The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 6; episode TWO OF TWO in ONE WEEK. Have they ever had multiple nights in one week? Except for like… Bachelor in Paradise obviously, but for The Bachelor or The Bachelorette only on mayyyybee like the finale night? IDK, just seems SUS. This week Peter takes the women to Santiago, Chile, and can I just say she looks STUNNING?

Chile you are looking fine!!!

After everyone has jumped on the beds in the hotel room and wandered around marveling, we find the girls sitting around a table outside. It’s a beautiful place, a beautiful day, and they make a toast to a new week! Free of drama! How nice!

LOL WE THOUGHT. The direct next thing that occurs is… you guessed it: drama!

Mykenna decides this is her moment to defend herself about pulling Peter aside AFTER Tammy did before the rose ceremony, EVEN THOUGH, Peter canceled the cocktail party so no one had time to talk to him. She gets all worked up saying that she HADDDD to tell him how she felt, buuuut… no one bought it. Thus, immediate drama.

The drama-free week is off to a great start!

Victoria F. is leading the charge against Mykenna, and she’s just… really not nice.

Mean Girl

And then, Peter shows up! I love when they just show up without a date card it’s very spontaneous and fun. Peter asks Hannah Ann on a one-on-one date. They have a funny little cute banter between them which makes me like her more.

Cute! Fun! Flirty!

They’re off to explore the city of Santiago! Within the first 30 seconds of their date, Peter is speaking Spanish, again, and… it’s kinda hot, lol.

Peter es muy guapo y caliente!

And AGAIN there’s DANCING. There has been dancing on every one-on-one date:

Dancing on All One-on-One Dates:

Dancing with Madison

Dancing with Victoria P.

Dancing with Victoria F.

Dancing with Kelsey

Dancing with Hannah Ann

Peter says that Hannah Ann is the goofiest girl there! That makes me like her. However, they share the GROSSEST KISS.


But THENNNN, they do it AGAIN!!! I’m PUKING.

This is not okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They walk up to a little street cart with coffee and start talking with an older couple. The woman asks what they’re doing in Chile, Peter replies, “we are looking for love.” The woman replies, “she looks so young.” Hannah Ann says, “Thank you!!!” LMAO.


In his ITM’s (in-the-moment interview), Peter wonders about Hannah Ann’s age. They are leaning up against a lighthouse thing?? Looking out at the ocean (?) and she’s like I love being with you, and he’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah… so you’re 23? Lmaooo. Then he starts prodding her about her past relationships to see if she would be for marriage (according to his weird warped standards)? When they first have the far away shot of them here, I thought they were doing wall-sits.

Peter realizing Hannah Ann is a child bride

She goes on to tell him she’s felt love but never been in love with someone. Peter is concerned by this… on one hand, it’s like just because someone has never been in love doesn’t mean they aren’t fully capable of being in love in the future??? But on the other hand, … she is 23, I am 24 and I am a child born yesterday into this world so that would make her a you-guessed it, a child bride.


In the dinner portion of their date, Peter asks Hannah Ann what her goals are with her career and her family. She says she’d like to do modeling for as long as she can, but that’s not really a job, that’s her “broadening herself”. Then she responds with this?

These are… your goals?

Peters like hmmm… definitely annoyed at the shallow waters bit, lmao. He again brings up her previous relationship experience, and IMO he’s like, really putting her on blast here?? He’s like but are you SURE you want this? Like, are you POSITIVE? How do you KNOW that you want this? She seems calm on the outside, but if I were her, I’d be freaking the fuck out!! Also, she responds saying “this what I want because I haven’t found that true love in my past. Your qualities, and like what you possess, is very similar to like, what I’ve been raised to have wanted”… Hannah Ann… you were growing on me… and you’re being put on blast right now which is not easy …. But this is hard to ignore in terms of evidence of the AI robot rumor…

Then Peter gets up and LEAVES, and again, if I were Hannah Ann, I would be freaking the fuck outtttttttt. Peter says he’s just not sure with her because she’s not being “real with him”, i.e. freaking the fuck out/crying over him. Juliet Litman said on her Bachelor Party podcast that Peter doesn’t like a girl unless she is overly emotional and crying for him and this right here solidifies that!!! I talked a bit about it last week with him just feeling so insecure as Bachelor and wanting to make sure someone is into him. Parents being married a long ass time + crying over Peter = Key to his heart.

Hannah Ann knows how to be adaptable: survival of the fittest!

She tells Peter she’s STARTING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM. Hannah Ann played this right in The Bachelor world terminology, starting on stage one of the “falling in love verbiage/process”. I discussed when Kelsey told him she’s “falling in love with him”, which was stage 2, and thus she took a misstep. But STARTing to fall in love is stage one, and thus Hannah Ann knows how to play this game.

Can you imagine “starting to fall in love” with someone after less than 3 consecutive hours spent with them?

Peter leaves her but comes back with a rose saying this is exactly what he wants to see, he doesn’t want it to feel perfect (does he mean… without crying/high intensity (I think Peter has an emotional addiction to stress ???) You can tell in Hannah Ann’s face she’s like, Jesus Christ, I just saved my own ass.

Hannah Ann is the best player of The Bachelor game this season, tbh!

Back at the hotel, TWO date cards come, one for the group date, and one for a one-on-one date. Kelley reads the names on the group date card one by one until only Mykenna and Victoria F’s names have not been called. She calls Mykenna’s name last, and immediately Mykenna starts TWEAKING. I ALSO started tweaking because Victoria F. is now getting her SECOND one-on-one when three of the girls (Mykenna, Tammy, and Natasha) haven’t even had ONE one-on-one. Typically, they won’t get a second one until everyone left has had at least one. Just another example of the producers manipulating Peter into some unnecessary, could-have-been-avoided, intense drama. PETERRRRRRRR. Use your fkn BRAIN.

Would be extremely frustrating!

The next day is the group date and going into it, Mykenna says she’s not feeling good about her and Peter, even saying she wants to go home. They walk into a very dramatic scene between two lovers speaking Spanish and learn they’ll be performing a TELENOVELLA, essentially a Spanish soap opera. Peter says he picked up Spanish from watching telenovelas with his grandmother!!! That is so sweet!! But ultimately!!! Peter, low key wants to be an actor? Lmao. Or he at least thinks he is one.

They are handing out all the roles, Kelsey gets the role of “bombshell”, Natasha gets “Pedro’s ex-lover”, but Mykenna gets the MAID, and she’s like RUFKM. I won’t lie, I’d be pissed too. Poor Mykenna, lmao, the producers are having their WAY with you, girl, it’s too easy!

Poor Mykenna

Kelley is playing Peter’s grandma, lmaooooooooo. I love Kelley so fkn much, she’s hilarious as well as a normal person. I would want to be playing the grandma here too, always go for the comedic roles, that’s your chance to shine. She says, “at the end of the day, I’m going to say incest is best on this one”, lmaoooooo.

Laugh out loud

Mykenna is in the background just sweeping away in almost every shot in the show. But the ending has a twist: Pedro falls in love with the maid!!!

Peter thinks he’s a legit actor

Also, I understand they are acting off a script, but Peter, can you NOT MAKE OUT SO MUCH IN FRONT OF THE OTHER WOMEN? It’s just like excesssiiiivveeee, I feel like it’s not usually this blatant.

Then we are blessed with potentially the most AMAZING Chris Harrison moment to DATE. It has my heart soarrrrrinnnggggg

Chris Harrison is the best host on television

During the evening portion of the date, Peter affirms Kelsey, telling her he’s feeling really strongly towards her. At first, I was like… how can this be? They are so different… but then my roommate Gabbi pointed out opposites attract? I do like Kelsey, and she seems like an actual normal and nice person.

Confusing relationship but happy for her!

I’m just surprised she is/and has become a major front runner!! Especially after everything with the infamous Champagne Gate, LMAO.

Til the day I die, I will not forget this

Next, Peter talks with Victoria P. Like I mentioned in the last blog, there was no clear resolution post-Alayah drama (including like… how Victoria P. also definitely lied in that situation!)

Cozy-ing right up!

They start their conversation seeming like everything is going just fine and dandy. She asks if she can sit on him!!!! Everything seems perfectly fine!!!

Everything is going swimmingly!

Victoria brings up how she just wants to make sure they’re on the same page moving forward after all the Alayah drama. Peter does a 180, suddenly becoming serious and soft-spoken. 

Then in a WILD TURN OF EVENTS, PETER SENDS VICTORIA P. HOME RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Was he planning on doing this??? What made him do this??? How did this happen??? This SHOCKED ME TO MY CORE. Again, unnecessary drama, why not just send her home at the rose ceremony??? WOWWWWW.

Peter like, aight, imma head out

Why do the leads ALWAYS ASK TO WALK THEM OUT? She said no, let her be, she just got dumped, wtf Peter!!!!!!


After the whole “finansco” lol jk, with Victoria P., Peter and Madison talk. I must admit, each week she grows on me more and more and like… I kinda feel like potentially Peter likes her the most?? They are SO INTENSE, but they also just are always laughing with each other, which is a sign of true love, so I am team Madison now and I apologize for judging her so harshly in the beginning!

They do be cute

Back to all the girls sitting around at the group date on couches, Sydney tells Mykenna she killed it today???? Sydney …. being nice???

Sydney, I didn’t know you had it in you

But this high IMMEDIATELY becomes low when Tammy goes in on Mykenna, telling her she lives in a fantasy world and that she’s immature?? And Mykenna is like ?????? Why are you talking to me right now? Leave Brittany ALONE.

And thennnnnnnnn, Tammy’s again getting mad at Kelsey for ???? Trying to stick up for her friend ???? Tammy, you are NOT helping your case, I’m so sad you are crashing and burning this way.

MTV ass behavior

Madison gets the group date rose which is …again, not controversial and sweet. Okay, we love!

The next day is Victoria F.’s SECOND one-on-one date, and again, I’m still SHOOK at how dumb Peter is handling this situation and honestly ALLL situations!!! SMH! For their date, they are learning to ride horses in the Chilean countryside. How thoughtful of The Bachelor to actually give them a lesson about horse-back riding before just throwing them into it!!! Specifically, in Hannah Brown’s season when Tyler Cameron is afraid of horses and has not one, but TWO horseback riding dates!!! They’re just like okay, here are the horses, now ride them throughout the town!!! Lmao, poor guy.

How you get your skull cracked??????????????
Previous Bachelor horse struggles

During their date, Victoria tells Peter she thought she may be getting a second one-on-one because he’s doubting her??? Give this girl a fucking OSCAR for her role as DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. She is milking the shit out of this like WHY ARE YOU CRYING?

What… could POSSIBLY… be the PROBLEM

To me, this is a case of going on this show for fame and accidentally getting too far so trying to sabotage yourself before you win the whole damn show, lmfao (re: Cassie who won Colton’s season who was on another reality TV show before The Bachelor, re: Jed who won Hannah Brown’s season who wanted to use it to catapult his music career) Sad!

Their conversation from the daytime carries over into the night. Peter says it scares him that she is doubtful and in pain with this process because he’s not trying to fall in love with her if she is just going to leave! She says all these classic insecure things, and I’m just like boooooo, I’m over it. I want her to please leave! Like, not everything needs to be sad, can you just try being happy and not freaking out for once?

Trying to get out of this relationship

And then AGAIN, Victoria F. GETS UP DURING THEIR DINNER. OMFG, SHE’S ALWAYS MAKING THIS MAN CHASE HER. However, this is the exact kind of shit Peter eats up and it’s SOOOOO ANNOYING.


Omfgggg, now Victoria F. is crying to her producer in the bathroom essentially saying like… I’m not ready for marriage??? I might leave ??? This girl has gots to go. Peter, PLS open your EYES.

Debating going home

After all the fanatics and hysteria, Victoria comes back and tells Peter “I wish I knew my own issues so that you don’t have to deal with them.” And I’m like… Victoria…. Therapy? Meditating? Self-reflection? Journaling? Two paths diverged in a wood, and Robert Frost meant it doesn’t matter what path you take, they’re all going the same place. This is not an impossible task, you can figure out your issues! Peter, of course, is like hell yes, this shit gets me gooooooing, and after ALL THIS B.S., she STILL GETS A ROSE. I’m over it.

Take responsibility!!!!!!!!!

Back at the house, ANOTHER date card comes (fourth date card this week?), and all the girls are like wtfffffffff. And of course, it’s a TWO-ON-ONE with Tammy and Mykenna, but it’s not even a real two-on-one date because they just have to show up an hour early to the cocktail party like when you have to come to school for early morning detention ??? Like there is zero benefit to having this? There’s not even a rose up for grabs meaning it doesn’t automatically send you to the next week.  AGAIN, Peter is letting the producers run AMOK.

MyKenna and Tammy show up early to the cocktail party for their pseudo-two-on-one, and they’re awkwardly sitting at opposite ends of the couch in silence, when finally Mykenna’s like, this is do or die, this is my moment. Everyone on ~the internet~ has been making fun of Mykenna’s speech because it’s 1) So manufactured and contrived and 2) She uses TERRIBLE grammar, and it’s COMICAL. This is my favorite part of speech:

“You made me found my damn voice.” – a real sentence that was said
Full Mykenna speech transcript provided by Lauren Zima

Tammy talks with Peter first and tells him that Mykenna is trying to create “hashtags” for her brand, but that SHE built her business herself, so she’s only there to see if there’s something with him. Interesting… because you both seem to be on this show…. Again, Tammy is probably not wrong in sentiment but approached this whole situation terribly, once again. Tammy tells Mykenna if she could give her “one word of advice, don’t lead with your emotions” to which Mykenna says, “don’t lead with your anger”, and I’m just like, LMFAO. Ultimately if I could give Tammy one word of advice it would be “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!”

Tammy stoooooooop

Then Mykenna talks to Peter and he once again cannot seem to discern who is telling the truth, or ultimately what the truth is, pretty much taking everything anyone tells him at face value.

He Said, She Said

After hearing them both talk and AWKWARDLY interact with each other I’m just like truly, Peter, PLEASE send them both home, it’s unbearable. Before Peter comes back with his decision, they have the LAMEST confrontation I’ve ever seen, I’m like omfggg, you guys are both terrible.

I lost brain cells watching this

Peter sends Tammy home… which? Once again, I wish he would have sent them both away.

During the actual cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Natasha tells Peter she needs some assurance at this point in the game ie. why the FUCK did you give Victoria F. another one-on-one when I’ve had ZERO? Peter responds by saying he is “not about the drama.”

Peter, come again?

Peter tells Natasha he has made some moves to support this claim. Peter, do you mean by sending Tammy home? Like okay, maybe yes there, but what about you engaging in ALL THE DRAMA PRIOR to this week’s new catfight (past dramas include Sydney vs. Alayah, Alayah vs. Victoria P., Tammy vs. Kelsey, Tammy vs. Sydney, and now Tammy vs. MYKENNA).

I find this hard to believe

Victoria F. tells Peter she’s sorry for pushing him away, but NOWWW she’s going to give him her full self… I just find this kind of hard to believe!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

But obviously, Peter eats this shit up!

Uggggggggggh Peter, you make it too easy

Also like… these two make no sense together despite their evident chemistry. Like, he is a tacky AF dweeb; she is an annoying hot cool girl and IDK, I cannot think of any other reason why Peter likes her so much other than the damsel in distress role.

At this point, I thought Mykenna and Natasha would be going home because from what we’ve seen, they both have the least connections with Peter… But even after watching everyone have their time with him, it’s hard to know for sure.

Natasha shares a sweet moment with Peter…


Kelsey shares a sweet moment with Peter

I’m pretty sure this is almost verbatim to what she told him during the cocktail party at the group date but okay lol

But noticeably no moment with Kelley? Victoria F., Madison, and Hannah Ann all have roses so the only people who could possibly be going home ar Kelley, Kelsey, Mykenna, Natasha, and Sydney… If not Natasha and Mykenna, my third prediction would have been Kelley.

Finally, the rose ceremony begins. This is the 6th episode and by the end of it, we are already down to SIX GIRLS. Which I think this usually means the week after next will be hometowns (top 4 go to each of their respective hometowns to meet their families)??? I’m pretty sure they typically go from 6 to 4 people (Hannah Brown let go Conor & Mike Johnson before hometowns). But in general, having 6 at this point seems quicker than usual… I wonder if there will be a lot of extra footage post engagement scene that is causing them to speed this process up.

So again, going into the rose ceremony Victoria F., Madison, and Hannah Ann are all for sure going to the next week since they have roses. Then from Kelsey, Natasha, Kelley, Mykenna, and Sydney two of them will be going home.

Kelsey gets the first rose which I thought would be a pretty sure bet. No surprise here.

But THEN… Peter calls NATASHA’s name and I’m like….. wtffffffffffff. We just got thrown a CURVEBALL. So now I’m like, aight, it’s Mykenna and Kelley.

Plot twiiiiiiiiiiist

Now it is the FINAL ROSE TONIGHT. I’m thinking one thousand percent Sydney’s gonna get this rose when Peter says KELLEY. Sydney’s going home ??????? Wtffffffffff, in a bracket at work I put her as getting to the top 4, WTFFFFFF?? I did NOT see this coming.

When you win out the two-on-one just to get sent home an hour later, lmfaoooooo, that SUCKS.

ONCE AGAIN, Peter is NOT THINKING THIS SHIT THROUGH. He says he “doesn’t know who he’s gonna send home” before going into the rose ceremony but I think it’s fairly evident Mykenna would not be making it to the next week. If he knew he would be sending her home that night, he should have just sent BOTH girls home after the fake two-on-one. Both people go home all the time on two-on-ones because you’re not going to bring anyone who you for sure do not want to send home. I would love to see if there’s ever been a contestant that went on a two-on-one to also win the season? I’m pretty sure no. ANYWAY, Peter, this looks really mean/bad and just could have been avoided so easily!!! Peter’s not good at playing this game.

Even though I find Sydney to be unBEARABLE, I am still sad to watch her be sad when she leaves.

Good luck Sydney! You were quite mean

Then Peter HORRIFYINGLY tells Mykenna “I know you’re going to make someone happy.” Like EWWWWWWWWW. 


I HATEEEE when people say that. Colton infamously said that to Hannah Brown when he sent her home and I think her reaction probably is what scored her the role of The Bachelorette.

“I know there’s somebody for you” “I know”

Peter also said the same thing to Victoria P. earlier in the episode, like, WTF. Someone tell this mans to STOP.

Horrible Bachelor Troupe

Then Mykenna gives the WORRRSSSST exit interview I’ve ever seen, I’m cringing SO HARD.

After Sydney & Mykenna leave, Peter tells the girls next week they’ll be going to Lima, Peru!!! Checking off all those Spanish countries! I’m digging it!

Okay, hmmmmmm, these two episodes really solidified something for me: Peter may be the WORST “player of the Bachelor game” I’ve seen in recent years. Another notoriously bad bachelor was Juan Pablo, but that was because he was mean. Peter’s like a bad bachelor because he’s too nice? And he falls in love with all the girls? He’s soooo all over the place.

Not to mention his decisions alone have created so much unnecessary drama?? For example, (1) Giving Kelsey the rose before the rose ceremony on Episode 5 because obviously all the girls are going to attack her about it,  (2) Asking Sydney who she was talking about being fake in front of like ELEVEN other girls, (3) Asking everyone what they thought about Alayah (in-part causing the Victoria P. vs Alayah feud), (4) Giving Victoria F. another one-on-one before everyone had had one; the list goes on and ON. Literally anything the producers suggest to Peter, he’s like, oh wow!!!!!!!!! That sounds like an AMAZING IDEAAAA. SMH, Peter use your brain.

Also, my bf told me he realized “it’s embarrassing how much you like him” because he is acting such a FOOL as The Bachelor and I’m just like PETER. I hyped you up SO MUCH, and you are DISAPPOINTING ME (this is still a good season though, very action-packed). I was talking about this with my childhood best friend & fellow absolutely insane bachelor fan. We were talking about how because we were so looking forward to Peter (at least I was  lol), now he’s not living up to expectations (I feel like there’s always a point in the show where I’m just like uGHHHHHH I fkn haaaate the LEAD, esp. Colton lmao). Whereas with Hannah Brown, she was SO BADDDD at After the Final Rose before her season when she met the first couple of guys, we were both like I don’t even know if I can watch this season, she’s going to be so BAD. But then she had one of the BEST SEASONS EVER. UGGGGGG, I love her so MUCH. So, I guess it’s all about expectations and most people will not live up to expectations, however, it’s a pleasant surprise when they do. Anyways, Peter is still really fkn hot lol.

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