The Bachelor Season 24: Episode 3

Kissing in a Cowboy Store, Who is Best in Bed (at Pillow Fighting), & One Aspiring Influencer Asking Another Aspiring Influencer “Do you work?”

“Do you, like, work at all?”

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Hello & Welcome! I’ll be recapping The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 3 as well as LOL’ing at the sheer ridiculousness that occurs in this ‘sode. The third episode of the season tells a tale with new characters in the same drama we’ve seen on every season of this show; debating whether someone is there for “the right reasons”, ie. for the lead. (Never forget on Desiree Siegfried’s season of The Bachelorette the “Right Reasons” rap. LMFAO.)

Right Reasons Rap w/Soulja Boy

But FIRST, the episode starts with both Kelsey and Hannah Ann crying STILL from the Champagne-Gate Scandal. All the other girls are like, oh my gooooooood, this is still happening???

Victoria P. (nurse, sad back story, looks like Demi with glasses, puked after pilot-turbulence-simulation-spinny thing) is going on a one-on-one. I’m always wary of the people who have the first couple of one-on-one dates because that typically means the lead wanted to test them out and save people he feels more confident with for later on, but so far, with both Madison & Victoria P. he seems to be really into both of them. A lot of the typical Bachelor standards have already been broken, so I’m not sure the rule book will apply all too closely this season.

Peter picks up Victoria P. from the mansion for their date. This season is backward because Peter starts out with all his one-on-ones being damn near hometown dates. With Madison, they literally went to his childhood home, and as he’s driving with Victoria, he’s like, oh yeah, my house is just over there. If I was Peter I’d be like PLEASE take me somewhere else. I want this experience to be a fantasy, ie. not my real life I’ve lived for 27 years! Also on a personal note, I can just… not relate at all to this being Peter’s hometown when my hometown has literal horse and buggies and is three hours away from all “major” cities! So many different lives you can live!

Too Close For Comfort

They pull up to this “Country General Store” which looks like it came straight out of my nightmares BUT, I guess to each their own and they both seem very excited about it.

I’m triggered

Peter says they’re going to this store because they need to “look the part” for the next part of their date. They’re trying on all these different cowboy boots (again, I can’t think of anything LESS SEXI), when Victoria commits a CARDINAL SIN OF TRYING ON SHOES SHE DOES NOT OWN WITH NO SOCKS. I AM PUKING.


After the excessive kissing and dancing in a literal public store, he takes her to a line-dancing establishment he says he goes “all the time with his friends”, and I’m just LOL’ing imagining Peter, a 28-year-old man going with his other 28-year-old man friends to go line dancing, lmao.

Peter and his other grown ass men friends vibing to line dancing

Victoria P. is being cute and having a good time, but Peter is taking this extremely seriously and REALLLLY getting in there with his hips.

No wonder Peter knows how to hit it right

They seem to be having a good time together and can joke around easily with each other, but ultimately, I don’t really feel the chemistry. I can still see her going to maybe top 6 or thereabouts.

Weird Chemistry

Back at the house, Kelsey and Hannah Ann sit down to hash it out after the “finasco” with the champagne stealing incident… (Reminiscent of when Hannah G. from Colton’s season & the most recent season of “Bachelor in Paradise” (REMINDER: THEY’RE FRIENDS) called gnocchi (y’all can’t hear me pronounce this because obviously you are reading in your own mind but trust me I am pronouncing it right) on her Instagram story as “nosh” (rhymes with “tosh” like Tosh.O.) LOL.) You hate to see it.

Pronounced fin-ass-co LMAO

The conversation is getting nowhere when Kelsey says she doesn’t even like champagne… BISH, WHAT THE FUCK. Ultimately, they obviously don’t come to a conclusion because they are speaking different languages.


Moving on to the dinner date with Peter and Victoria P, they go to eat (well technically no one ever actually eats) in an… airplane warehouse? Victoria tells Peter about her backstory with her dad dying when she was very young, her mom falling into addiction, and how her sister and she were in and out of homeless shelters growing up. The whole time Peter looks so genuinely empathetic and affected and it’s so SAD but also so SWEET.

Genuinely Really Sad ;,(

She gets a rose at the end of the date (typically only one or 0 people do NOT receive roses after their one-on-ones for a whole season, and it’s typically later on in the season).

Even though Victoria P. maybe isn’t my cup of tea, I will not be making fun of her on account of her having a harder life than I could ever imagine. I respect everything she’s gone through and everything she has accomplished (she was Miss Louisiana, say what you will about pageants (I’ve said my fair share of shit!) but not everyone can be the MISS of their state like there can be only one, that takes some sort of talent!!) She also seems (at least right now) genuinely kind and not malicious to anyone and we support kindness in this world.

With all of this being said, I just have to pick at one SMALL THING. I think she’s trying to do this cute lip-biting thing, which really just doesn’t work with the lip fillers (DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A HATING ON COSMETIC WORK THING BECAUSE IT’S YOUR FACE DO WHATEVER TF YOU WANT TO IT) because like… they’re just too big, IDK. It just looks silly.

I feel like this will be one of the hardest seasons to predict the winner because Peter is SO intense with SO many women. Peter tells Victoria it “feels so right with you”. Peter, this is the SECOND one-on-one date you have been on. You literally still have like 17 other women to vet through. PLEASE slow your god dang ROLL. It’s usually the contestants that are overly intense, but Peter is right alongside them!!!

Meanwhileeeee back at the house, we see the beginning of the end for one person in particular. Alayah is feeling herself, running around with a pilot’s hat on saying she’s testing out “the pilot wife life”. You know, how you test out, say, dating an athlete by holding a ball! Same principle. : ) Sydney is in an ITM while this is going down saying how she doesn’t like Alayah because “something is off about that girl”. I mean, this just seems like good ole’ fashioned fun to me? That never hurt no one?

Why do pilot’s even wear hats? I bet they have to take them off anyway when they’re actually flying the plane… seems flawed

The next morning brings another group date. The front door slowly opens and none other than DEMI BURNETT herself walks through (of Colton’s Season of “The Bachelor”, also first person to be in a queer relationship on this show in “Bachelor in Paradise”; overall QUEEN) with two … “hench-women” figures?

Our Queen

They walk up to where the girls are sleeping and start fervently hitting them with pillows??? Holy shit, if someone woke me up like that there would be HELL TO PAY.

Demi explains that Peter let her plan a date and drops off pajamas for them all to wear. Poor Savannah (so far on this show for comedic relief) gets the “muumuu” (which, TBH, I did not even know that was a word) and everyone else gets hot ass lingerie (one girl pronounced it ling-er-ee, lmao).

I won’t lie… girl got gypped

On the way to the date, Peter asks, “Is this actually how you sleep?” Men are so DUMB. It’s to get you going, dummy. They walk into this saloon and learn they will be pillow fighting “for Peter’s heart”. They always do these competitions with Fred Willard (from the movie Dodgeball, and many other things but that is how he is known to me) as a co-host because Chris Harrison has an inexplicable affection for him (literally heard him talk about it on multiple podcasts).

Fred Willard being a lil ole’ sweetie

Tammy’s amped AF because she was a wrestler in high school so she’s like, THIS IS MY TIME. She goes against Kelley who is nervous because “who wants to see their attorney in lingerie”. Well, Kelley, I have really bad news for you because we actually get a veryyyy vivid shot of your booty as well!!! Not that it’s a bad booty, it looks quite nice actually, but indeed, your worst fears have been more than realized! Tammy also gets her ass disqualified in the first round for throwing Kelley out of the ring, even though Kelley wasn’t doing shit anyway. Lmaooo, feisty lil’ firecracker.

Tammy seizing her moment

Peter was also clearly enjoying this the whole time, lmaoooo.

Peter getting a h*rd-on

After all the girls go, Demi picks two girls to go against each other in the finals. She picks Alayah and Sydney to go against each other (they went against each other in the first round). For the entire last … 5 minutes of this show, they have been building up this conflict between Alayah and Sydney that has been 100% one-sided from Sydney.

They start going AT IT. Sydney is smacking hit after hit on Alayah while she’s on the ground, when Alayah stealthily pulls Sydney down from her inner knees (knee-pit?) and pins her by essentially laying on her.

And this is where Sydney officially became dead to me because she says she couldn’t get up when Alayah was sitting on her because “it’s like an elephant sitting on a rat”…. HELL NO.

Alayah Being Smart, Sydney Being Truly Uncool

THEY ARE BOTH VERY PETITE WOMEN. FURTHERMORE, we are NOT OUT HERE COMMENTING ON ANYONE’S WEIGHT. Alayah has done nothing wrong to her personally except maybe be annoying??? Uncool.

Alayah ends up winning the pillow fight, and honestly, good for her!!! I thought that the whole knee-pit move was smart.

In the evening portion of the date, Alayah pulls Peter aside first and he clearly is really into her as well (SHOCKER).

Peter falls in love every five minutes

All night, Sydney’s is in her ITMs (in-the-moment interview) talking major SHIT about Alayah. I’m like, good GOD, why are you fixating on this?? Worry about YOURSELF. She finally confronts Alayah, and literally asks her, “do you, like, work at all?”



Alayah is like um… yes, I do? Sydney then takes on the angle, like oh, I was just wondering, because when you’re “Miss Something” (Alayah was formerly Miss Texas), I thought that could be a full-time responsibility. Alayah’s like, ohhh you’re just asking me about that, thinking then Sydney had good intentions. Sydney keeps egging her on until she’s like, oh, so it’s easy for you to be really “on”, and you have a hard time opening up and being your real self??? Again, Alayah’s like who is this bish? No???? Sydney then informs Alayah that Peter is looking for “a real person”.

Peter is interested in humans

In Kelley and Peter’s time together, she tells him she’s more of a scruff girl, and he should tidy up his beard, lmaoooo. I kind of love that. Ok, Kelley, you’re growing on me.

He likes her so much!!! BUT THEN AGAIN, he likes EVERYONE SO MUCH.


Sydney chooses to spend her time with Peter saying how she’s sooo different from all the girls he’s connecting with (GIRL, YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL), and how they’re being fake. Peter seems genuinely disturbed by these comments, referencing his season with Hannah Brown, i.e. LUKE P. NASTY, saying how he saw her be blinded by that and he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him.

It is usually the KISS OF DEATH to talk shit about other contestants in the house so I did not see this going well for her. It also just comes off so whiny, like why not spend your five minutes with him actually learning literally one thing about him.

Peter goes back to where all the girls are sitting and address them all saying how concerned he is with people being fake with him. After his whole spiel, he looks over to Sydney, and he’s like, not to put you on the spot, but to put you on the spot, who were you talking about being fake? And Sydney is like OH FUCK.

Sydney says Alayah’s name and tells her, “I feel like you’re doing this for the imagery of things” …. Sydney… I’m not absolutely positive you know what imagery means?

Imagery is a … literary device…

Maybe you mean to say… image?

Peter addresses Alayah directly in front of ALL THE GIRLS AND IT’S AWK AS HELL. I’m just like geeeeeeeeshhhhh.


Here’s my thing: EVEN if Sydney is right (maybe she is???), did she reaaaallly need to spend her 5 minutes of time with peter talking shit about other people? Because you think they react too much? There’s no basis for this except your opinion. Luke P. was genuinely mean, unkind, and gaslighted the shit out of Hannah, but Alayah’s just being a big personality?…. IDK. I just don’t find any of what Sydney did necessary, and I don’t think it’s a good look for her at all.

Sydney is with Hannah Ann in the 0.0 Emotion Club

Peter and Alayah go to talk again which results in Alayah crying and Peter just kind of being like… I’m not really buying it.
After they get back from talking, Peter gives mf SYDNEY THE ROSE.

My friend Katelyn said it best

The next morning Alayah is telling MyKenna everything that happened with Sydney, how her character was called into question. While she’s recounting it to her, the shot cuts to Sydney EATING AN AVOCADO WITH A FORK. This is a thousand times more psychotic than anything I’ve seen Alayah do.

Some Questionable Shit

Chris Harrison comes in to announce they will be having a pool party. CLASSIC, I feel like they do this almost every season, but it’s really a perfect idea. It’s already in their mansion, and what’s better than some good ole’ fashioned Marco Polo!!! But when Peter comes in, he doesn’t look happy. He tells the girls he’s not feeling his best because he’s “starting to feel doubt creep in”. He pulls Sydney aside first and she’s just casually carrying the rose on her person???? Ma’am, you are annoying me.

Bachelor Party = Best Bachelor Recap. Podcast

Sydney tells Peter she wants him to make his own decisions (same!) about the whole situation. She basically gives him a pep talk. I’m like Peter, I mean, you have producers to do this exact same job of talking through shit with you. It just felt weird.

When everyone’s outside hanging by the pool, Alayah tells Hannah Ann and MyKenna (“WHAT A FKN TRIO” – my roommate, Gabbi) that she can’t believe Sydney felt comfortable enough to share her opinion with Peter when no one else in the house has seemed to have a problem with her. Cut to about five girls shit-talking Alayah.

Kelsey’s the first girl to bring up Alayah and it’s just like KELSEY, you can literally not say ANYTHING about ANYONE, we all watched you lose your god damn MIND over champagne which you “don’t even like that much.” !!!!

She says, “I love Alayah and she’s a good person BUT, people who have been in pageants know how to turn it on”. KELSEY, YOU ARE JOKING.

Finally, Alayah pulls Sydney aside (good) and says how she doesn’t appreciate her sharing her opinion with Peter when she doesn’t know her at all (true!). Sydney’s being so crass about the whole thing defending herself saying she was just being an honest person, like someone forced a dang gun to her head and made her say any of this.

She also calls Alayah “honey” very condescendingly… IDK… I know we are supposed to root for Sydney here but I just can’t get behind her. Not that I even love Alayah that much but this whole thing compels more dislike of Sydney than dislike of Alayah for me. IDK.


We see Madison for one brief moment this episode and it’s very reminiscent of …

Is this allowed?

Peter tells Madison he feels very confident about to her to reassure her, but it’s like… if only he hadn’t told almost every other person the exact very same thing, lmao!!!

Peter and Alayah finally talk and she convinces him to believe her, saying she would never lie, that she’s a bad liar in fact! LOL, that’s laying it on a little thick but whatever lol. He tells her, “there’s something about you”, and that he’s drawn to her. And AGAIN, I’m just like PETER, I’m not sure if monogamy is gonna work out for you, buddy, simply because it seems like you like damn near everyone in this house. Lmaooo.

There’s just something about you… and all 15 other women here 😉

After their chat, Peter’s in his ITM saying how good he feels about Alayah after their talk. HOWEVER, he then goes to talk to Victoria P. who KNOWS Alayah from Miss USA (Alayah = Miss Texas when Victoria P. = Miss Louisiana) and she reveals that Alayah asked her not to tell the producers they knew each other?? Why would you tell them that unless you had something to hide? You can tell Peter is realizing the same thing.

Oh Fug

Following this new information, he received from Victoria P., Peter has to pull Alayah aside AGAIN, and he is visibly really annoyed with her REAL QUICK.

He says he’s going to ask her some questions and wants direct, honest answers. She does the high pitched baby voice many girls have accused her of, being like, oh but OF COURSE, I’ll tell you ANYTHING. And he’s like OK you are laying it on TOO THICK.

Peter is NOT having it

Nothing positive or conclusive comes from their talk. Peter walks away visibly upset and leaves Alayah to break down. Chris Harrison comes back out (never a good sign) to say Peter has left for the day, and the next time they will all see him will be in the Rose Ceremony. Cue the freaking out from all the girls.

Going into the Rose Ceremony, Peter tells the women he’s more confused than ever and has been struggling more than ever with this entire process (hmmm struggling dating 20 women who know they will become famous post-show, how could that be hard?!). MyKenna is REALLY tweaking but I’m like MyKenna! So quickly you forget you earned a treasured hoist!! That’s gonna buy you a least a few more weeks, do not fret!!!

After it seems almost all the women have received roses (rose-less women include Alayah, MyKenna, Sarah, and Alexa), right in the height of the suspenseful music, PETER WALKS OUT to talk to Chris Harrison. Chris Harrison is just standing there with his arms crossed very dad-like, LOL.

Chris Harrison being a dad lmao

Peter goes back into the room with the women, but WAIT, Chris Harrison comes in after him and takes a rose off the platter, leaving only ONE remaining, saying this will now “be the FINAL ROSE TONIGHT”. GASP.

After a loooooooong pause, Peter says MyKenna’s name. GASPPPPPPPPPPPP because this means ALAYAH is going home. After they say their goodbyes, Peter pulls a producer aside and says he doesn’t feel right about the decision, like he may go on to regret it… oh SHIT.

I mean, Peter, it was pretty drastic

And SPOLIER (not really because it’s teased in the trailers for next week) but this is not the last we see of Alayah.

And we back

This also means… my irrational fav. Sarah is going home. I am truly so sad and hope she is on Bachelor in Paradise. ILY Sarah, if you’re reading this, lmk if you wanna hang out sometime. 😉

Tribute to potentially the most beautiful person I have ever seen



Join me next week to watch Victoria F. have another meltdown! To watch Alayah come back! To watch Peter likely lose his mind! See you soon!

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