The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 4

Making Out in Front of an Ex at an Ohio-based Amusement Park, The Return of Alayah, and Peter Losing His God Dang Mind

***I do not own the rights to these videos.***

Each and every Monday morning, I shoot out of bed. It feels better than Christmas. I sing and skip as I walk down the street. I hum and smile to myself at work. I feel beautiful, smart, kind, INVINCIBLE. This what I like to call The Bachelor Glow. NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN ON BACHELOR MONDAY. This show truly never stops evolving and that’s what makes it so GOD DAMN GOOD. Literally HOLY SHIT. AGAIN, this week was a fucking riiiiiiiiide. As a former northern Indiana resident, if you would have told me one of the best episodes of all time would be at CEDAR MF POINT, I would have LOST MY SHIT AS I AM LOSING IT NOW. This episode is amazing. This show is amazing. Let’s dive the fuk in.

The episode starts with all the girls sitting around the couches in the mansion. Chris Harrison comes in he tells them that there will not be a date today. GASP. But WAIT, it’s becauuuuse Peter has left town…. WHOOOO we are getting out of LA and Peter’s weird hometown dates. Chris Harrison is really hyping them up, saying “The first stop of this amazing journey that will take us literally around the world, will begin in a city full of art, culture, and rock and roll. Peter’s going to meet you in Cleveland, Ohio.” LMAOOOO. They are all like bitch, you are NOT fooling me but fine. I must know how many perks Cleveland gave The Bachelor to actually have them go there, or if there were really no other options because DAMN that is SLIM PICKINGS. Even if they stay in the U.S. they at least go to an actual decent city (Hannah Brown went to Boston, but on Colton’s season they went to mf SINGAPORE). Throughout the episode I can tell Cleveland is REALLY TRYING. And honestly, good for Cleveland!! Making some mf moves!! Putting the Midwest AND Cedar Point on the map, let’s go!!!


All the shots of Cleveland do make it look quaint and fun, BUT STILL. You just have to try to forget you could have been in Singapore instead of Ohio. The most bizarre part is Peter saying Superman was born here??? As Juliet Litman, truly the greatest voice in Bachelor Nation recap, posted on her Instagram story, that is just absolutely not even close to true, lmaooooooo. Why are you doing this Cleveland?

Natasha who has been on this show previously because she is not afraid to speak her mind & also has made some funny ass comments said Midwesterners just hit different and she ain’t wrong. I grew up in the Midwest and spent 22 YEARS living there. Now I live on the east coast where you say hi and someone will tell you to shut the fuck up.

Midwesterners Hit Different

Also, ILY SAVANAH. We stan a funny ass queen.

Savannah for The Bachelorette 2020

Victoria F. gets the first one-on-one date and starts freaking out??? She says, “I’m literally having a panic attack right now….” On Nick Viall’s podcast recap of episode three with guest comedian Betsy Sodaro, they were talking about how they are using all these terms like panic attack, and they’re like …  no honey you are just nervous. If you were having a panic attack you would be… actually losing your shit rn, lmao.

Anxiety Attacks Fug You Up

Victoria F. gets picked up for her date by a driver, and they pull into an airport. Peter is standing by a plane. Victoria immediately thinks that she will be sky-diving??? Like… do you… do you not know Peter is a pilot? How do you see this and not think he’s flying you somewhere, wtf, lmao. If only she knew what this day would actually hold… she would probably react the same way.

So meme-able

Let us not forget Victoria F. was the one who modeled for a “White Lives Matter” company which is truly just unforgivable? Cannot root for her? She’s definitely going to be around for a while though. Girl is hot.

She cute but racist

What’s the over/under on how many girls will get a private plane ride before the season is over? I’m thinking over 6?

They get in the plane and Victoria F. is STILL freaking out. She says, “I’m dying inside. I’m doing something I would never normally do.” BISH. I can GUARANTEE YOU IF YOU WIN THIS SHOW, you’re gonna have to do this about 5 million more times in your life (realistically like 20 times since you’ll probably break-up within a year, MAYBE two if you’re lucky) LOL.

Bish this man is a PILOT

On their plane ride, Peter tells her they’re going to Cedar Point, an amusement park in Ohio. He calls it a “world-famous rollercoaster heaven” and for ONCE this is not hyperbolic and is actually true!!! Dragster is one of their rollercoasters and it set FOUR RECORDS (I’m not sure if it stills hold them, but STILL).

Cedar Point is

I myself have been to Cedar Point more times than I can count and I’ve been trying to convince my amusement-park-enthusiast boyfriend that it’s legit as hell and this definitely helps!! Also please enjoy this picture of me from sophomore year of high school with my lame-ass high school bf, lmfaoooo (I was lame too, obviously).

At Cedar Point lmfaoooooooooooo



They definitely seem to be “getting on well” (I watch a lot, I mean a FUCK ton of reality tv dating shows) and having fun together. I low key think this would be one of the best dates? You don’t have the pain of waiting for hours in line??? And it’s an activity you can do together without having the pressure of having a full-blown conversation all the time. Perfect date.

Peter says he has chemistry with everyone? Which definitely isn’t true (it’s almost true because he’s sensual as HELL). Liking everyone versus actually having chemistry with someone are two different things, lmao. But this time with Victoria F., they do seem to have chemistry.

Actually good chemistry

They take a break from the rides to sit inside. Victoria gives the most WACK-ASS TOAST. She says, “Cheers to our sons having hot moms and successful dads.”

Cheers to our sons (????????????????????????) having hot moms (??????????????????????????) and successful dads (???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????). I am puking everywhere.

Crazy concept??? Women are so much more than being hot for their spouses?

They start talking about kids and Peter tells Victoria he wants to have 2 or 4 kids so no one gets left behind at amusement parks. That is sweet as hell. I also have that sentiment but just in general about teams so they can play a lot o’ games.

After their break, Peter starts leading her somewhere but doesn’t tell her what they’re doing. As they get closer, she realizes it’s a private concert. But quickly starts tweaking, asking Peter who it is.

Stages of Realization

Stage 1: What is it?

Stage 2: Aw, I’m gonna cry

Stage 3: OH FUCK

“I want to die. Chase Rice is my ex-boyfriend. We turn the corner I see my ex-boyfriend, Chase” HOLLLLLLLY GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD.

Her ex-boyfriend is the country singer who’s PUTTING ON THE CONCERT. I said it once, I’ll say it again: ALL THE PRODUCERS ARE GETTING A RAISE THIS SEASON.

They walk through the crowd to the front of the stage and it is very evident Victoria is tweaking. Chase Rice is definitely also just like you’ve got to be fucking KIDDING ME.

More than anything this episode showed me how fukin CLUELESS PETER IS, LMAOOO. He’s just jamming having the time of his life. Hahaha.

Peter, read the room

Cut to Victoria who is just trying to get through this, lmaoooo.

Bro wtffffffff


Absolutely Fkn Phenomenal

After the concert, Peter and Chase are talking and Peter’s explaining to him who Victoria is and Chase Rice is just going with it. I’m fkn cackling, haahaahhhahaahahaha.

Bro, I straight up have had sex w/that girl


Me and Peter have the same last names because we are actually already married

Victoria sneakily pulls Chase aside, like you hear her have a conversation with a producer saying if she pulls him to the side over there, Peter won’t see it. Sneaky ass hoe. My sports boyfriend would be pissed as hell if I did not point out that the cup Chase Rice is drinking from is from a bar at UNC (University of North Carolina, lmao) called “He’s Not Here”. 

UNC Representation. Also, why does this mans bring his own cups…
Some days I am beautiful. Today is not one of those days. My bf is hot though.

Victoria is being so goddamn dramatic talking to Chase. She’s like I HAVE to tell him like you don’t understand I CAN’T lie to him. Chase Rice is like totally, one hundred percent you should. She’s like but you DON’T UNDERSTAND. I CANTTTTT LIE TO HIM. Chase Rice is like BITCH, YES I AGREE. LMAO WHAT R U SAYING. This girl is dramatic as hell. Sorry you were a person who dated other people before you even knew of Peter’s existence, wtf lmao. Also, from accounts I’ve heard, they didn’t even date they just FUCKED once and I wish they would have said that instead because that honestly makes it so much juicier.

Chase Rice being like um, yes please don’t lie

Moving on to the dinner portion of the night, Victoria comes right out with it, telling Peter that the end of the date was “weird for her” because Chase and her used to date. Another thing this episode has really solidified is that… Peter…. May not be the sharpest crayon in the box. At least not street smart. Lmao. ILY Peter, nothing personal, I’m dumb as hell too.

“The guy who was in the concert?” lmfaoooooooooooo

Peter is honestly not handling it well. He says, “this is so freaking weird”.

Definitely is wack

They have a chat reminiscent of the second episode where she had a meltdown at the Revolve date, and eventually Peter is like lmao, I was just being dramatic. IDGAF as long as you still wanna make out with me!!

Ain’t nothing but a thang

Ultimately, Victoria still gets the rose (duh). Notably, though, he doesn’t tell her “there’s something about you”, “I’m drawn to you”, “it just feels right with you”, or any of the other variations he has told about 10 other girls. They do seem to have good chemistry but I don’t see her being in the top four, slash, I’m pretty sure some crazier shit happens because the trailer has teased her being like f this and walking down a street. Victoria = drama till her demise.

“Will you not run in a corner?” LMFAO

The next day is the one group date for the week. Peter walks into the Cleveland Brown’s stadium, and I must say he is looking fine as hell in his athleisure and like… is gray his color?

Ultimately, Peter is hot

All the girls arrive and they learn they’re going to be doing drills and playing a game of football. Once again, a group date works in Tammy’s favor, lmao. PLS Tammy for next Bachelorette.

Queen Tammy

Sweet little (FOR NOW) Victoria P. says she’s not playing because her “backs still hurting” her. Peter’s like oh no you poor baby, will you sit on the sidelines and make out w me??? And she’s like yessssss exactly as I planned. This bish is conniving.


The winners get to go on to the evening portion of the night with Peter, and the losers have to go home. Classic Bachelor date. Everyone is going into the game ready to kill.

Even though Shian has kinda been annoying and playing the victim IMO throughout this entire season, she is a fkn BEASTTTTTTT on the field. GO OFF, QUEEN.


For the yellow team, Deandra is being a BEAST as well. We love to see both these girls who haven’t gotten much attention being absolute BOSSES.

Deandra being a boss

The pink team is up by one touchdown with 15 seconds left when the yellow team has a LEGIT good-ass play to TIE THE GAME. Once again, Kelley is becoming my girl, the MF QUARTERBACK (the other quarterback is Sydney who is not it for me). She might be one of the only ones with a legit chance to end up with Peter that I like, lol.

Actually extremely hype play

The yellow team is in the locker room hype as HELL. Cut to the pink room and it is SILENT. Madison is like I’m PISSED. This also makes me love her more. I feel like she’s actually being a real person not just laughing at everything Peter says and staring dramatically into his eyes.

I love everyone saying “I’m pissed” on this show

Also, a couple weeks ago there was a “scandal” (if you can call it that) with Madison accidentally commenting on an Instagram picture on a “fan account” of hers saying “you’re so geniune and real”. She said it was her friend who was still logged into her account, but I DOUBT it.


Natasha is a queen

The girls all go into the evening portion pissed because they know each of them will get approx. 2 seconds with him since all the girls are now going. Also LMAO, the producers put them on two couches where they have to sit shoulder to shoulder, like, could they really not have gotten more seating hahaha. Also what the FUCKKKKKKKKK is Hannah Ann wearing, weird-ass tutu push up boob shirt with black pants??? Again, I’m no fashionista but this looks wack as hell, lmao

Shoulder to mf shoulder

Victoria P. steals him first and the girls are PISSED because 1) it seems they were pretty much all in agreement that Shian would get time with him first and 2) she sat out on the sidelines during the date and did not have to get tackled and bruised!!! Watching this convo knowing what will happen later IMO just is PROOF she’s kinda full of shit.

I ain’t buying what she’s selling

Meanwhile, Shian is PISSED. And AGAIN, Madison is making me like her more bc of BEING A GOOD FRIEND. That is my only requirement plus don’t be a fake ass hoe and I will root for you!!

Hell ya, Madison the homie

Shian FINALLY gets to talk to Peter when none other than mf ALAYAH COMES IN (cause of all the drama in episode 3 and ended up getting sent home in the rose ceremony, but Peter was shook about it). Shian does a double-take slash just looks dumbfounded like Ummm… what. This poor girl always gets the shaft, I won’t lie.

Poor Shian

In Alayah’s time with Peter, she reveals that she and Victoria were actual friends. They planned a trip to Vegas together, they talked a ton, and they remained friends all the way up until going into the show. If you will recall in the previous episode Victoria told Peter she had spent “three hours total” with Alayah, indicating she barely knew her. Victoria is not as sweet as she seems it seems!!! I believe this is the beginning of the end for Victoria P.


VICTORIA IS ACTING LIKE SHES IN A FKN BUNKER AHHAHAHA. Like why are they crouched in the corner??? Why does Victoria have deer in the headlight ass eyes? All of this is WACK AS HELL.

Why is there no seating lmfao

Peter does NOT HANDLE STRESS WELL. And that’s okay because honestly neither do I, but he is TWEAKING.

Peter’s like holy shit you guys stress me TF OUT

Victoria says that “you can believe that, or you can believe me. My truth is the truth.” Girl, this is not a “live your truth” situation, this is like a fact or not fact situation. Then she starts crying saying how honest she’s been with him with her whole past and it’s like yes, your past was really sad, and that was brave to open up but like… these are 500% different conversations!!! You are playing the victim so hard because you know you’ve been caught!!

Now THIS is manipulative

Peter is like…. Wtf are you saying, I’m literally not talking about that at all!!! That’s not what this is about!!! But he’s nice about it and I’m like NO PETER. BE STRONG. YOU KNOW SHE’S BEING A FAKE ASS HOE.

The girls are all sitting around contemplating what could be going on with Victoria P. and Alayah. Deandra is saying how Victoria’s not a liar, so what is there to talk about. Another amazing Savannah moment. Savannahs like whoa, whoa, whoa, HOLD UP. Did you just say Victoria isn’t a liar? Then takes a long pull of her drink, lmaooooo. She goes on to explain how without mics Victoria was saying how Alayah was terrible and all this, but during the rose ceremony they were holding hands. TWO FACED. We will see this for ourselves later on in this episode.

Savannah is like HOLD up

Victoria P. & Peter go down to talk with Alayah and they have a LONG ASS EMBRACE. IT’S JUST LIKE CLEARLY THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE GOOD FRIENDS WTF.

Not a hug shared amongst two strangers

They sit down to chat, and Victoria P. goes on with some B.S. how she “never got to fully know” Alayah. Alayah is like literally wtf are the words coming out of your mouth I have the RECEIPTS BIOTCH.

Why you always lyyyyyyying

Peter is absolutely perturbed by all of this. He is distraught as hell.

I saw a tweet with this captioned “when your parents tell you they’re getting divorced” but I could NOT find it. I apologize to the owner. That is funny as hell.

Afterward, Peter and Alayah talk alone about the events that have transpired. Peter’s wishy-washy as hell. He was influenced by everyone in deciding to send her home, and now he’s letting her back in the house. In his ITM after he’s saying how he wants to trust himself and such but I’m like honestly Peter… I’m not really sure you can? He is so flabbergasted but he’s finally just like… do you wanna come back? Alayah pauses like she has to think about it. I’m like bish, LMAO, quit playing you know that was your whole goal.

Nick Viall Type Mumbling

Peter and Alayah go back to where all the girls are sitting, and he explains to everyone how he has wanted to always trust himself during the process, and do what he feels is right. Basically trying to soften the blow, because he then gives the rose to Alayah. All the girls are absolutely LIVID.

Alayah’s talking with Hannah Ann and MyKenna (who are visibly and audibly pissed she came back) and tells them to fill her in on all the drama. MyKenna starts to tell her that Kelsey has a date tomorrow, and Alayah is like oh, I know. Then she rattles off that she knows Victoria F. had it yesterday and that she was dating Chase Rice before the show. MyKenna and Hannah Ann are like wait… what the FUUUUUUUUK. Alayah’s like, oh yeah, big time, the internet knows everything.

The Internet Knows Everything

The next day is Kelsey’s one-on-one date. Immediately, Peter sits her down and tells her about the whole Alayah situation. Kelsey (yes, Kelsey of CHAMPAGNE GATE IE. CHAMPAGNE STRAIGHT TO THE FKN FACE) reacts so WELL. She’s like, players gotta play, do yo thang shawty, I ain’t even mad.


For their date, they are “getting lost in the city” of CLEVELAND, which, no offense, has gotta be like 5 blocks, lmao. We also learn Peter doesn’t know what a pierogi is??? Also, are there a lot of Polish people in Cleveland??? Like is this a thing to have pierogies in Cleveland?? Like just none of this makes sense. First, claiming Superman? Then claiming the pierogies??? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

Peter, you have traveled the whole goddamn world and you’re telling me you don’t know what a pierogi is???

My response to everyone from my hometown who has never left my small-town Republican, Christian-ass Indiana hometown.

The moment Peter realizes Kelsey’s a Republican

Then there was… more dancing on truly just… the street? MAKE. IT. MAKE. SENSE.

That person walking up is like wtf is happening hahah

For the evening portion of Kelsey & Peter’s date, they go to have dinner on a boat. They spend a hot min. embracing each other and staring at “the beautiful Cleveland skyline” and when it actually pans to what they’re seeing I almost choked LMAO. It’s like one fat building and one pointy one. You just have to laugh, lmaoooo.


Kelsey gets emotional when she tells Peter her sad backstory about her parents’ divorce. She found out before her mom when she came home one day from basketball practice to see a note with her dad’s wedding ring. She didn’t see her dad for TWELVE years after that because he moved to Mexico to start a new life. This shit is sad!! Kelsey!! I’m sorry, girl!!

BUT THEN, Peter responds with his own story saying how he respects single moms so much because his grandmother and mom came alone to America from Cuba with nothing and had to make their own way. And then we see tears on PETER’S face, and I’m just like this is all so real and sad and emotional. You are both very strong!!! Really sweet to see Peter get so upset about his mom.

So precious

Peter’s like I love that you still want to have a family even though your parents got divorced. LMFAO DAMN Peter have some fkn CHILL. Many many many people have divorced parents or go through a divorce like that’s just life. It doesn’t mean people won’t stop trying!!! She gets the rose at the end of the night.

Kelsey seems like an actual real and cool person, but I just don’t think he actuaaaally likes her that much, more just a homies vibe. I really cannot believe we are getting this much character development from the champagne in the face to now this one-on-one where she comes off really well. We love a good comeback story!!!

Kelsey, you are kinda dope!

Cut back to the house, Victoria F. is talking shit about Alayah because she told everyone about her and Chase Rice and it’s like…. Why are you mad she had her phone she was literally in the real world?? Victoria P. is like I’m SO SORRY that was YOUR story to tell. I’m like bish, you hush up!!!!!!!! You’re the shadiest person here as of now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Victoria F. confronts Alayah and literally just GOES OFF ON HER for telling everyone just like … A LITERAL TRUE FACT about her and Chase Rice. HOW IS THIS MANIPULATIVE. Now she’s like legit YELLING at her, I’m like heellllllll no. That’s legit mean. Alayah is just existing!!! God DAMN.

Not okay

The next day is the cocktail party with everyone before another rose ceremony. We hear Peter’s voice overlaid as he’s walking in saying how he’s so confident in his decision to bring Alayah back. As soon as he gets in there the girls POUNCE. Deandra says it was a slap in the face they all busted their asses (WITH BRUISES TO SHOW, CUT TO SAID BRUISES hahahahahahah) for him to go give the rose to someone who wasn’t even there. I’m like yeah, that is true, but let’s just all try to relax a little bit.

Amazing editing

Peter apologizes to the girls and asks Victoria P. to talk. Everyone on social media is shitting on her for being like I don’t want to talk – then they talk. Then she’s like I can’t sit – then sits. Hahhaahahahh. She is GASLIGHTING the SHIIIIIIT out of him. Peter wants to talk more about the Alayah situation.

Doesn’t want to talk. Goes to talk.
Doesn’t want to sit. Sits.

She keeps bringing up how she was so vulnerable and honest with him about her backstory???? Peter is literally like DUDE WHAT. I’m just trying to TALK TO YOU.

You can’t hear this but she’s grunting, literally looks like she’s about to lose her shit as Peter is SO CALMLY talking to her.

Fuming and weird lip biting

She says Alayah is manipulating him, but the way she’s talking I’m like …. It feels like you are just thinking of this as you speak and it’s just so obviously a lie.

This is a load of hogwash

I truly feel like the girls are mean-girling Alayah. Everyone is talking about how she is the center of so much drama (true) but it’s like hello???? Can we look at Victoria F. throwing a fkn hissy fit over EVERYTHING??? How about Sydney straight up sabotaging Alayah because she thought she was annoying instead of just minding her own business??? How ’bout Victoria P. straight-up lying about her relationship with Alayah??? Like yeah, she’s at the center, but because all of you other hoes can’t keep it together. WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF.

Legit Mean Girls

Victoria F. tells Peter that Alayah told everyone about her and Chase. ONCE AGAIN – SHE HAD HER PHONE. Like why would she not talk about that??? Also, I probably would have assumed everyone would know??? IDKKKKKKK. Peter looks up and is like dear God, WHY are all these hoes so MF DRAMATIC. WHY CAN’T THIS JUST BE EASY AND FUN.

Peter’s exasperated as hell

The girls will literally just not back down at all from Alayah, they are genuinely pissed. Everyone’s like how was Peter was influenced?? It was his decision!! They’re all shitting on Alayah and then QUEEN SAVANNAH, is like well he was influenced by Victoria P., who was lying so yeah, it wasn’t fair. We stan someone who will speak against what everyone else is saying to defend their friend.


The episode ends with Peter being extremely distraught. I don’t think Peter is going to send Alayah home (right now, but holy shit, that would be WILD if he did), but I also don’t think she’s going to stick around for very long. I don’t think we’ve seen any more footage of her teased in the trailers?

I also want to talk about Peter as The Bachelor. My friend Audrey said, “Peter is the perfect mix of dumb and happy”. He is definitely super affected by all the drama going on. He also has fallen in love with about 10 girls, like I truly am finding it hard to say who he likes the most. I think he’s doing a good job as The Bachelor, but I think he will come into himself a little more before the show ends. He seems super confident in interviews, more so than he does during the show.

As of now, I think the top four will be Hannah Ann (but low key has not been in the last two episodes?? I also kind of feel like they really don’t have that much chemistry, she is just… hot), Madison (I think he likes Madison the best, she’s growing on me, but she’s still a childbride), Kelley (my personal fav. Because she is a normal age to CONSIDER marriage and has a real job), and then for the fourth person, I think there are a few contenders, potentially Kelsey or Sydney? But then it’s weird to think about because I can’t really see Peter with any of those women long-term. I just feel like him and Hannah Brown have to be together!!!

Imma break down the trailer for next week. We have Natasha crying into Lexi’s arms (probably not related to anything legit just stress?), Hannah Ann kissing Peter while he has a different arm around MyKenna and Tammy (SAVAGE AS HELL). We have Peter picking up Sydney while they’re making out in swimsuits, Victoria P. saying, “This is ridiculous, it’s not fair”. (BISH, I DON’T BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD FROM YOUR MOUTH), Shian crying & saying, “I’m tired of feeling like this.” Alayah saying “I’m literally getting slaughtered”, but I’m pretty sure she’s wearing the same dress she wore to this cocktail party so it’s from this same night. There’s Kelley and Peter making out in a hot tub, Kelsey calling someone “a dramatic bitch”, and then impersonating them by saying, “Oh. Blah, blah, blah” (my personal fav part. Lmao), Sydney saying “She’s crazy”, Kelsey saying, “She’s emotionally unstable”, Tammy crying in an ITM and saying, “That is ridiculous”. THEN Tammy yelling at Sydney??? THENNNN AN AMBULANCE (It says, ambulancia, so they are in Costa Rica next week? Cleveland to Costa Rica, lmao, I don’t understand but we’ll take it) All the girls are like, Oh shit!!! Then the ending clip is MyKenna crying and saying, “I’m so tired, I’m so exhausted.” But I personally wouldn’t put too much stock in that because she cries about everything (which is fine). I think in the trailer from last week they teased that Peter and Sydney have sex in their steamy swimsuits date?? But I think that is gonna be fake. I’m very intrigued to see what is going to happen with Tammy and Sydney though?

The credit scene is Peter and Victoria F. playing basketball and one of them says “Kobe” while shooting. ;,( Literally so so so tragic it’s hard to comprehend but the fact that they even have this clip just shows how much of a legend Kobe is. Rest in peace to him and his beautiful daughter.

RIP Kobe & Gianna

Thanks for reading!! Join me next week as I recap BOTH Monday’s AND Wednesday’s night episodes. SO MUCH BACHELOR CONTENT. Y’already know I’m here for it. See you next week!

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