The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 2 Recap 🙂

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Episode 2 of Matt James’ season and this already feels like a traditional Bachelor episode: the lead tells the group of contestants “I see my wife/husband in this group”, there’s a competitive group date where one team gets more time with the lead at night based on who wins, and lastly… we have the most villainous villain since the likes of Luke P., Chad, and “Corrine” (She had redeeming qualities… the other two… don’t… It’s yet to be seen if Victoria will end up having any redeeming qualities either….) VILLAIN of the YEAR: Victoria. 

Truly I must say… There were so many times I envied them for being in these GORGEOUS FALL LEAVES when I’m in butt-ass Indiana GRAY…. PLEASE LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL SCENES. Sarah Trott says in an ITM Nemacolin is a “beautiful place to fall in love.” OR GET MURDERED!!! It reminds me of “Ready or Not” this horror movie about the in-laws trying to murder the wife of their son on the night of their wedding… I watched it on a plane, okay? LOL…. Okay sorry LMFAO… good luck to all though!

“Ready Or Not” Horror Movie Scene
Watched this on an airplane once… Remember airplanes? Wow…

The girls are seen doing the classic advertising for whatever hotel they’re staying at by jumping on the lobby couches. Chelsea cheer’s to the “Matteau” similar to a “Chateau” which is just like… a lounge type room? … Okay, apparently a country room? LOL, IDK. 

Now… I feel like my brain is being overrun by GOR (Game of Roses, an ingenious Bachelor podcast that breaks down the show in very game-like/sports terms), and I’ll try to limit my references to them in the future, HOWEVER, I feel like this is very important to mention – Their recap for this episode was entitled “The Professional Era” because they discuss how every player in the game has studied and prepared their every move… Bri has an amazing 1-on-1 date with Matt, Sarah as an amazing equally flawless 1-on-1… And the group date there were a lot of bold and strategic “plays”…. The competition is as steep as ever. Similar to the Hunger Games, k*ll (make moves & an impression on Matt) or be k*lled (be sent home by Matt). Essentially, everyone is FUCKING CONTENDERRRR.

In this same episode recap from GOR, Bachelor Clues said the average finishing place of the person who receives “first flower” in the first rose ceremony night one in seasons 18-24 (The Bachelor only) is 3.X something… i.e. if you get first flower night one you on average, will be in top three finishers (Fantasy Suites)… and the average placement finished of the first impression rose in the past seasons 18-24 is 4.X, meaning, if you are the recipient, you’ll on average, place in the top four (Hometowns)… Just interesting and important stats in the game!!!

The episode starts with a preview of the end… AND I ALREADY KNOW THIS BITCH (the episode) IS ABOUT TO BE A “TO BE CONTINUED” 

Matt is handing out roses at the rose ceremony when – Suddenly! Someone gasps and steps off the back riser, AND I CAN TELL THIS IS SARAH TROTT, OH SHIIIIT. And maybe it’s hindsight bias because I’ve seen the episode (several times) but the whole time I’m like… homegirl just LOCKED HER KNEES. Some mofo does this every single year at a middle school choir recital, and you just see it on the videotape because suddenly there’s a gap in the back row and multiple teenagers gasping and staring behind them! 

Now the episode really begins! It’s a beautiful foggy morning, Matt goes on a morning jog with the sun rising behind him (GORGO!) After his run, we get a … very extended shower scene… Similar to how GOR pointed out that Sean Lowe (17th Bachelor) was a super-Christian Bachelor and was super-objectified by the show as a sex object… In the same way, Matt, too, is proving super Christian, and also super-objectified as a sex object….

Peloton Ad
Bachelor' Sean Lowe Gets (Half) Naked: 5 Gratuitous Shirtless Pics
17th Bachelor Sean Lowe

Chris comes into the “Matt-eau” and welcomes the ladies to their new home, “How do you like it?” he asks. “It’s beautifuuuul”, the girls sing back in a chorus, LOL. (ALWAYS, have enthusiasm for where The Bachelor is… even if it’s Cleveland, Ohio, or Newport, Rhode Island, LOL).  

Before Chris explains what’s happening that week, he calls for his “girl” Abigail, the first impression rose recipient from Matt – “And the first kiss!!!!” Someone calls out (OKAY, UPON REWATCH, VICTORIA CALLS THIS OUT, MORE EVIDENCE THAT SHE IS A PRODUCER PLANT, HELPING NARRATE THE STORY, OR I WOULD EVEN BELIEVE SHE USED TO BE A PRODUCER AT THIS POINT, lmaooooo) Abigail innocently smiles, and says “Here!” as you do in elementary school when the teacher is taking attendance (LOL, or at least I did, unless you’re the ornery ass kid who said “present”.) Chris says, “Well, congratulations on both!” (To clear game “distinctions” or “honors” that tell us… Abigail is a front-runner in this race!)


Chris announces there will be 3 dates – “Two “one-on-one” dates, and one “group-date”… He also says since there are a “record number of women”, not everyone will be getting a date that week… buuuut…. There’s always 2-3 people who don’t get dates the first week and that mostly means either means the lead is saving them for later or….. they might just get completely forgotten about and left behind, eliminated in a few weeks post-haste (ie Sarah Coffin in PP’s season, gone but not forgotten).

Video I made upon Sarah’s depature on PP’s season of The Bachelor (S24)

Once Chris leaves, Chelsea opens the date card to read, “Bri, Love is an adventure” (Bri – the first limo entrance in the silky green dress, my preseason prediction for ring winner, and the girl who revealed she is biracial with a Persian mom and Black dad) is getting the first one-on-one. She is excited but says, “she wore her worst outfit today”, OOPS! But it looks like… she changed, LOL. 

Interesting… choice… of her to wear her sweater/sweatshirt around her body/shoulders straight through her titties like that?? Is that a new trend???

Matt picks up Bri for their first date, takes her hand, and leads her away from the house (on foot, not car, LOL) and towards their presumed date. They look REALLLLLY CUTE TOGETHER, as well as, Matt James is about three million feet tall!!!

Bri finally catches a glimpse of what they’re doing and *GASPS* ATV’s!!!!

All the other girls are standing outside watching this entire thing go down so the producers can have these amazing shots of Bri and Matt about to go on their date and the other girls in the background staring them down with the fire of a thousand suns/steam coming out of all their ears, lmaoooooo.

OMFG, this wedgie should be illegal. Victoria, have you lost all nerve endings in your tuckus, what’s up with that????


Finally, Matt and Bri are OFF for the very first one on one date of the season, let’s go!!!

Anna, who I am foreseeing to be a mid-ish level player, is in an ITM as Bri is leaving on her date with Matt and says a quote that encaptures the entire ESSENCE of Bachelor to me – “This is a game of time.” And it is! If you don’t get in there quick and early, other girls will and he’ll form connections with them faster than you. You gotta work QUICK. No time for diddle dally or mistakes!

Time is of the essence!

Back in the house, the women wonder why Matt picked Bri first… Someone points out she was “the first rose” i.e. in the rose ceremony (not the first impression rose) so they think they have a “really strong connection” and listen… as we learned for GOR, they are not wrong!!! 

While all the normal, rational girls are sad but “happy” for Bri, Victoria comes in on a tyrant alreADY saying, NO, fuq a BRI, I wanted that date!! While Victoria is going off for absolutely no reason, Abigail and Magi are having the CUTEST INTERACTION IN THE CORNER. I’m STARTING A SEGMENT CALLED FRIENDSHIPS FROM BACH BECAUSE THE BEST RELATIONSHIPS THAT GET FORMED OUT OF THIS SHOW ARE THE FRIENDSHIPS, BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SPENDING 34/7 OF YOUR TIME WITH. Not your 45-second conversation with the lead, LMAO. 



Bri and Matt ride around for a while on their separate ATV’s, but then Bri asks to hop onto the back of Matt’s ATV… seems safe and smart! Matt is like, “Do you trust me?”, and Bri’s like… yes, but she “shoulda said no” – Taylor Swift 🙂 No more than 3 seconds later, does Matt take a turn to fast and damn near crushing him and Bri tipping over the ATV!!!


Nemacolin is so goddam GORGEOUS, WHAT IN THE DANG HELLLLLLL. Eventually, Bri and Matt stumble upon, and wouldn’t you even BELIEVE, a HOT TUB, in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. It’s great to see The Bachelor go back to their roots: hot tubs in the middle of nowhere!

The Bachelor' Recap: Colton's first group date Video - ABC News
The Bachelor' recap, Anyone Juan-t another glass of champagne? - Baltimore  Sun
Episode One | The Bachelor Report

Since this is a wood-fueled hot tub, Matt does a whole shirt-less chopping wood scene… OKAY, PAUL BUNYON. 

Finally, they get in the hot tub and they are just the cutest and the sweetest even if Matt is very fuck boi vibes, he’s still sweet and cute, UGH. I want her to WINNNNNN. (Maddi had the first one on one on PP’s season and the whole time, I’m, like, there’s no way she wins, but then… She kinda did?) IDK, the whole thing was a train wreck and bad…

I saw ~online~ that there are rumors Bach producers want PP back for Paradise?? I’m sure he fucking would TOO. Who would PP get with from this season??? (I just discovered “Bachelor Pad” which was the first iteration of “Bachelor in Paradise” and on the second season they have a past lead (Jake Pavelka), and his ex-ring winner (Vienna), and things get HEATed, TO SAY THE LEAST. 🙂 ) 

Cut back to the house – Victoria talking to a PRODUCER, and we SEE THIS PRODUCER in the shot! It’s similar to Victoria P. (last seasons semi-villain) but they would always blur their (the producers) face out or not have their whole body in the shot but this is full-on the whole convo between Victoria + a producer… She’s just shitting on all the other girls (the narrative builds!) 

Back to Bri & Matt – In the hot tub, they give cheers to “near-death experiences” because of their wreck… Ha ha ha, lmao! Oh, what it’s like to be young and dumb. 🙂 

Then Matt gives her the LOOK, i.e. he wants to mack on her HARD! That’s exactly what they do !!! 

They have to pause because Matt has mud in his mouth, Lmaoooo!

During the dinner portion of their date, Matt is VERY engaging in convo… luring her trauma out of her! He asks her about her relationship with her mom, and Bri tells him how her mom had her when she was 13. DAMN…

Bri tells him she recently found out her mom was preg again, had a new fiance, and was going to have a “new family”, and that she felt like she didn’t have a home to go to anymore! SAD! 

Matt & Bri bond over having an absent father, both saying how they always felt like they were waiting for him, and how they would gravitate towards friends with big families because of it. 😦 

Every time we cut back to the house this episode Victoria is literally on a Rampage, like that Gamecube game with the gorilla that knocks entire cities full of buildings down… That’s Victoria… 

Rampage: Total Destruction Gameplay Movie 2 - GameSpot

She says she would would “honestly, not, like, a group date” because she feels like “she can’t be her authentic self” because the other girls are mean to her, LMAOOOOOOOO.

The woman all are very calm, and, like… Victoria… Can you please…. Just stop. LOL. 

Victoria heeds one final warning to the group, “Don’t be negative tomorrow, guys” HAHAHAHAHHA. SHE’S SUCH A SINISTER, PROVOKING VILLLLANNNNN.

Matt gives Bri the rose at the end of the one on one, DUH. AGAIN…. Just like GOR said… This is the “professional era”… It’s hard to even see any issues/mistakes with Bri’s one-on-one… I’m, like, okay, yup, she’ll win!!! But then… Sarah has a perfect one-on-one also!!! And Matt’s just a fuck boi who can get along with any pretty girl, lmaooooo. I’m so intrigued to see how this season will unFOLD.

After the kissing post rose, Matt & Bri (Bat or MRI, LOL couple names!!!) go out to a balcony to kiss some more under a grandeur firework show, which, of COURSE, all the OTHER women can see TOO since they are in ONE PLACE, LOL. I can’t believe the producers make the other girls watch a date THREE times this episode (Bri going off to the date, the fireworks, AND the airplane, LOL).

Victoria really has decided to go for this “not here for friends” all the way turned up strategy, ie. she HATES everyone, and she’s like Medusa because shield your god damn EYES, or she might turn you into a STATUE – What I’m trying to say is… It doesn’t matter WHO is about to get tangled in her web… It’s just whoever is in the wrong place at the wrong time… and this time… It’s poor baby voice, MARYLYNN. 

Take a chill pill!
It was insulting to me that you tried to get to know me…

She repeatedly calls Marylynn toxic (although Marylynn has displayed no foreseeable toxic characteristics besides the voice that wavers and makes me feel like she’ll just fall over with the wind…. No REAL toxic traits 😉 ) She dramatically packs her bags and sleeps on the couch similar to when my roommate/friend in my sorority drunk-peed in our bunk corner, so I slept on the couch in the lounge by the stairs and it was a Thursday so everyone was going out and it was loud as FUCK, LOL. Good times.

The next day, it’s time for the 18 person group date! Matt is walking up to the date wearing a nice-ass suit which isn’t… usually typical for a group date… As soon as he walks up we see Franco the “photographer” (there has been conjuncture that Franco is more of an actor/character than an actual photographer because all the photos the ABC account was posting were not looking at the camera, ie. taken by production hahhahahha, FRANCOGATE)

Matt gives a generic welcome speech, but notably says the coveted Bachelor phrase, he can “see his potential wife in the group” CLASSIC. I’m pretty sure the producers give you $20 every time you toss that in there. 

Franco calls that the girls have TEN MINUTES to get ready, and it’s giving me Rupaul’s mini-challenge vibes where they usually have to get ready in 15 minutes!!! Quick fix!

The girls all sprint into this mini Say Yes to the Dress warehouse with multiple racks with at least 40 dresses in the room… The girls not only have to find one they like/looks good but also one that fits??? When I first watched it I missed the part where they picked their dresses ( I thought they were/predetermined/assigned by producers) but this makes it like ten million more STRESSFUL!

The girls come back out and it’s just slightly jarring to see twenty women in wedding dresses, LOL.

The awkward wedding shoot after meeting for 1 day begins! Jessenia gets a forced kiss during the photoshoot, I hate these kinds of kisses, but unfortunately, they’re a Bachelor special!!!!! 

It looks like Serena P., Khalyah, and Mari all get shoots until Mari gets interrupted by “Queen” Victoria who just decides she doesn’t want to stay in line any longer, and it reminds me when people would budge me at lunch and that’s the closest I’ve ever felt like I could commit I very bad crime… HOWEVER… It turns out this was a good strategy because not all the girls get time for their shoots before the Hunger GAMES BEGIN. 


Chris Harrison comes back and as SOON AS HE DOES THE CLOUD GETS GRAY AGAIN, COINCIDENCE???? I THINK NOT. He tells the girls it’s not enough to just take cute wedding pics! They will also need to display their killer-instincts in a real-life game of Bachelor-Hunger-Games.

Dark Lord Harrison Brings The Clouds

And the fact that the (majority?) of women didn’t finish the fake photoshoot… This was designed on purpose by the producers because do they care about fairness & equality??? Absolutely not! They care about RILING THESE MOFOS UP.

Sad and mad girls!

This entire group date is so cinematic, I LOVE IT. We see the women walking towards us from a sunny field to dark woods and again everything around it is so Hunger Gamesssssssssss. 

Matt looks a little TOO excited about this…. 

That guy is HUNGRY

In the woods, Chris emphasizes this is FIGHT, Try to HURT each other if you can!!!! He reveals another Bachelor classic – Whichever team wins the “sports” game will get to spend the rest of the evening with Matt, and those that lose? Will have to go back to the house in their “busted-up dresses” and spend the rest of the night thinking, “I wonder who’s making out with Matt right now?” LMAO, CHRIS, WHY ARE YOU SUCH A SAVAGGGEEEEEE….. THAT WAS VERBATIM.

If you’re not kissing him… someone else is!

They’re playing “Capture the Heart”… It essentially works like regular ole Capture the flag but it… a heart… BUT THEN… there’s an added element of being able to hurt each other with paint… I’m confused if there are specific rules with the paint??? Like if you get tagged you have to start back at the beginning? Because they’re also straight up tackling each other so it seems like the paint is mostly for show, lmaoooo. 

They’re split up into the gold and red teams and all the girls are helping each other prepare for the PURGE (cut off the bottom parts of their dresses). On the red team, Pieper has taken the role of team captain and devises a strong sports-sounding plan. BREAK. GO, TEAM. 

Get ready to RUN

Victoria is an ITM saying some generic & BADLY improvised (or planned) lines about being a queen, LOL (this is throughout the entire episode, by the way). But she does say that her team is full of queens, but all the other girls are a bunch of “gestures”. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHH. I passssssed awayyyyyy.

Queen & the “GESTURES”

Matt, Chris, and FRANCO THE PHOTOGRAPHER are commentators for the Hunger-Games-Capture-the-Heart, and the games are off!!!

OKAY, WHY HAS FRANCO BEEN THE PHOTOGRAPHER WHEN HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A COMMENTATOR WITH CHRIS HARRISON THE WHOLE TIME, LMAOOOOOOO – After Serena P. gets hit with a FAT piece of cake, Franco calls out in his megaphone, “You don’t deserve that darling, you look high fashion.” HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Then he’s “gone rogue” and goes out prancing around in his fur coat and pink pants taking action photos of the girls in the game, HAHAHHHAHAHAHAH. I LOVE YOU, FRANCO.

High fashion doesn’t deserve cake to the face!
“Franco’s gone rogue” LOL

Chris Harrison yells out “Guard and protect your heart” which might seem like a fine generic thing to say if you are a NORMAL CASUAL VIEWER, but guess what, I am the exact OPPOSITE of that! I recently watched Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette on Netflix (season 6) and there was NOTORIOUSLY this man named KASEY who had this weirdly nasally voice, and he was VERY intense, and his phrase was always that he would “guard and protect Aly’s heart” and he eventually got a TATTOO OF THAT. The first and only time someone has gotten a tattoo on the SHOW, LMAO. So anyway, know your history, Chris is paying homage to the late great Guard and Protect Your Heart, Kasey.

“Guard And Protect Your Heart”

Chris vs. Matt watching the spectacle, HAHAHHAHAHAH.


MJ wins the game for the red team, and Mari gets the “MVB” most valuable bride despite being on the yellow (losing) team. As her prize, she gets to join the winners in the night portion of the group date. The rest of the losing yellow team girls walk home very sad, very painted and very defeated. 

For sure ran cross country
Winnging team being humble af
Take your “Busted-up” asses home – Chris Harrison

Once home at the “Matt-teau”, the painted girls explain to the girls not on the group date what went down, but the most mortifying thing of it ALL is that they all just go and sit DIRECTLY ON THE COUCHES WITH ALL THEIR PAINT STILL ON???? EXCUSE ME, GO TAKE SHOWERS. 


Also, all of them crying in these ITM’s almost rubbing their eyes has me TWEAKINg. Y’all ever got shampoo in your eye in the shower??? Now, turn that up to a thousand!!


During the evening portion of the group date, Lauren pulls Matt aside first to talk, and the first thing out of her mouth is “I love Jesus”, and I am looking for someone to join my threesome with him, JK. Sorry to be SACRIELIGOIUS, but yeah they have a cute interaction about faith (never specifically say the Christian faith, but since this is the whitest, most conservative, and thus Christian show, we can obviously assume this) but I still don’t think she’ll be making it too far 😦 


Jessenia doesn’t get specifically graphic but says her trauma is that she has dealt with a lot of infidelities. Then she starts to talk about her parents and gets “choked up” saying how they’ve been through so much in their lives. Decently, vague trauma play! Sorry bout your luck, Jess, but nice play!

I’ve been sad!

Back at the house, the girls not on the date get the last group date ard for the week and it’s the last one on one that is awarded to the blonde Journalist from San Diego – Sarah Trott! The card says, “the sky’s the limit” so they borrowed out a page out of PP & Jake Pavelka’s (first Bachelor pilot)’s book, and it’s gonna be some sort of flying! 

Come fly with me!

Vitoria also kind of tries to drop a “trauma” during the night portion of the group date… but it’s that… she’s insecure, which I don’t mean to undermine…. But she’s essentially saying a whole lot of nothing to me here lmao Matt says “there’s a reason why you’re still here,” YEAH, THE MF PRODUCERS. 

Uhhhh, I’ve been sad, too!

Matt asks if he can drop her back off, and I’m, like, lmaoooooooo! I can’t remember ever seeing the lead end of a conversation?? And MATT initiates it, someone else just doesn’t steal him??? He’s like the LEAST amount of time I can spend with you, the BETTER. 

Victoria asks for a kiss, SAVAGE! He’s CLEARLY trying to LEAVE, but DAMN! I guess technically good gameplay but also not because she’s gonna burn out WAY too hot and bright… I cannot imagine a whole season with every episode dominated by her Villandry, but then again, we’ve also seen a villain make it to the top four, as recently as Luke P (Symmer 2019)….so I’m SCARED. 


At the end of the night, Matt gives his rose to Laura because of Jesus and they have their first kiss. Now I can say with confidence that this is not a fluke folks… This man kisses with his eyes OPEN!

Lauren wins the group date rose!
As well as a kiss!

The next day, it’s time for the last date of the week: Sarah’s one-on-one! Sarah greets matt on a gorgeous sunny day, and Matt reveals they will be flying in a “biplane” which Sarah says, “it looks like the first plane ever invented”, LMAO. They both squeeze into the small plane, and they’re off! Pour one out for Sarah’s hair… I bet that thing gets tangled as HELL up there.

Wright Brothers’ Model 1

OF COURSE, THE GIRLS SEE THE PLANE FLY OVER, LMAOOOO. Because again they are locked in the same goddamn space!!! I feel like this usually happens once or twice an episode, but now because of the contained space and no travel, half the drama will be the other girls will see whatever’s happening on Matt’s dates (fireworks, plane, park the ATV’s outside so all the other girls can see, etc. they’re going to milk that for all it’s worth!)


Sarah and Matt sit down at the end of their plane ride to have a chat in the middle of the woods. Matt is showing himself to be a very engaging conversationalist, starting with the importance of family. She agrees, blah, blah. Matt senses she’s got something to tell, and he just might be right!!!!

Dodged it!

For the night portion of the one-on-one, they have a cute dinner set-up by the side of the pool, but it looks very beautiful and sereeneee.

Matt tells her he wants to get into a deeper convo about his work… This is where Sarah finally drops her trauma… Her dad has ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is where you lose your ability to physically function: to speak, walk, and move, but mentally you’re the same.

Dad diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease

Sarah says she was a Broadcast journalist, but once her dad was diagnosed, she moved home to be a care-taker for her dad. She tells the SWEETEST story about how she does her dad’s hair now because he used to do her hair before school because her mom was a teacher – THAT IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING IVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE

After all this, Sarah gets the rose, and DANGGGG, IDK if it’s the lip filler, but her lips look soft as HELL. 

After Sarah’s EXCELLENT date with Matt, it’s finally time for the cocktail party and accompanying rose ceremony… All the girls walk into the main lobby, and my first thought is, Victoria, what in the HELL ARE YOU WEARING. Listen, I love someone branching out and being different, but Date Card said it best… This is WACK.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

Awwwww!!! Abigail pulls him aside first (she’s in a simple, but stunning little black dress) and they come up with a secret ear pulling signal to send to each other when they’re in a big group with all the girls. THAT IS SO CUUUUTE. It still seems like Abigail is a for sure front runner, right up there with Bri & Sarah!

She’s so CUTE

We get a quick shot of Rachael saying she seems Matt locking eyes with her during the group date… They keep subtly sprinkling Rachael in both this episode and last… This girl is going top 4, probably top 3. 

Marylynn and Matt have a cute one on one time where Matt says just because she wasn’t on a date, doesn’t mean he wasn’t thinking about her, or at least, that the PRODUCERS, weren’t thinking about how she wasn’t on a date LOL. So he (the producers) give her a bouquet of orchids because she had previously told Matt those are her favorite flower. Even though, I can believe Matt remembers this fact on his own (unlike Peter), I still can’t believe for one second this was Matt’s idea because it just simply wasn’t, lmao. Mark my words, Marylynn will be gone in the next 2 weeks. 




Victoria tells Matt that Marylynn is toxic which starts the huge drama of the evening…. Afterward, she comes back to tell some of the girls what she talked about with Matt, and MJ’s, like… uhh, I disagree… I’ve never seen Marylynn be mean… Victoria’s, like… well, she’s toxic so she is… RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE THIS GAME.

MJ ain’t having

Matt pulls Marylynn back aside (Marylynn asks him on the way, “Am I in trouble?”, and although editing is magic… it seems from HERE, that he is believing Victoria more than Marylynn… Please for the love of GOD do not let Victoria stay, but guess what HE WILL. After a non-convincing speech from Marylynn, Matt says “he’s gonna head out” LMAOOOOOOO.

“Imma head out”
Ight Imma Head Out | Know Your Meme

Marylynn tries to have a confrontation with Victoria to work things out and Victoria is being the RUDEST PERSON EVER – Won’t sit by her, won’t hear her out, just being VICIOUS VICTORIA. Poor Marylynn, she was just the unlucky prey. 😦 Victoria also says that she and Marylynn are “oil and vinegar” INSTEAD OF OIL AND WATER, LMAOOOOO. No, hunni, oil, and vinegar are delicious together!!!

Marylynn: Will you go outside with me? Victoria: NO, It’s FREEZING
“Oil & vinegar” instead of “oil & water”
The bra is absolutely out of hand

Everyone is hugging and comforting Marylynn!!!! Hard to see from this perspective how Victoria could be the one in the right…

Marylynn Hug 1
Marylynn Hug 2
Marylynn Hug 3

Now, it’s finally time for the rose ceremony… We get the following roses in order before Sarah almost passes out and causes the episode to be a “To Be Continued”… It’s YOUR fault, Sarah. JK, hope you are okay. 


1. Pieper

2. Kit

3. Rachael

4. Magi

5. Chelsea

6. Abigail

7. Jessenia

8. Katie

9. Serena C.

Seriously… Seen this exact scene at least 5 times in choir… Don’t lock your knees y’all!, Bend those mofos! 

So with all this being said …. I don’t think I will be needing to revise anything in my Top 10… I think it stands as is!!! Here it is as a reminder. 🙂 











1 . BRI

Thanks, as ALWAYS, for taking the time to read my thoughts in this blog. 🙂 

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