No offense, Fessy…. In Big Brother… his whole thing was that… he never… knew what was happening, LOL

The Challenge: Double Agents Season 36 Episode 4 Recap 🙂

Looks eerily similar to this season of The Challenge (Muse vibes?)

Round FOURRRR, BABYYYYY. This episode does NOT FEEL GOOD. THE WHOLE TIME I’M LIKE FRICKYOU, FESSY, FRICK YOU, FESSY, ETC. How you gonna do Nelson like that??? DAMN.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s set the scene – Wes has just gone home, Devin won and infiltrated Tori, which leaves Cory & Natalie as partners, which… Kinda bad for Natalie (as I have previously coined Cory as a never winner, OOPS), but good for Cory (even though Tori was a good partner, too) cuz Natalie is a BEAST.

Devin comes back to the house thinking he’s god herself and tells Tori their going to “celebrate” by having a beer together (yes, it’s not posed as a question, rather a statement), and Tori like, uhhhh, I don’t drink beer and Devin’s like, “You do now, babe” and I’m just, like, EW, GROSS MAN, YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

Staywayyyyy – Song by MUNA

Josh says in an ITM that Devins egos, the converse of the Grinch’s heart, is two times too BIG! (Prob compensating for something two sizes too small 😉 ) 

The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!

Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.

It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight.

But I think that the most likely reason of all

May have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

Fessy’s also in an ITM talking about how he and Tori have a “genuine connection” this season because last season she was always with Jordan (HER FIANCE, MAKES SENSE, LMAO) and that she is a “very dope woman” LMAOOOOOO, FESSSY, YOU ARE SO LAME. LIKE AMBER M. SAYS LATER IN THE EP – you have no game at ALL. 

Fessy, you have a way with words

While he’s saying this, I’m, like, chiiiiiiilll… her and Jordan JUST broke up, but then Cory’s in an ITM saying there’s deff something going on between those two even though Tori is ENGAGED!!!! SO WHAT WENT DOWN. I NEED THE TEA, RNNNNN.

Ex-Challenger, Jemmye, tweeting some inside info…

Later that night, Tori, Fessy, and Aneesa are all sitting in the hot tub as Tori ironically cheer’s to her new partner, saying, “Do you think if I sit in here long enough, he’ll not wanna be my partner?” *Everyone laughs*

Tori & Aneesa laugh at Tori saying she’ll ditch Devin the next moment she gets the chance… Everyone acknowledges that they have a strong friendship (and an official MTV Challenge Podcast together!) and they’ll have each other’s back’s in the game… hmmm… seems like this mayyyy be setting the scene for later in the episode, but only time will tell. 😉

Theresa & Jay have a secret Lil Big Brother whisper-pow-wow in the hallway where Theresa tells Jay she thinks he could be in trouble soon, to which Jay is like FUCK that. He’s in an ITM saying he’s been trying to boost his roster, ie. make a lot of friends so a lot of people have his back… He’s playing a very “pre-merge” Survivor game… All you gotta do is stay low profile enough that you’re never targeted, but in the know enough you know what’s going down… He says hopefully it doesn’t come back and bite him in the ass which you know what that means… it’s gonna come back and bite him in the ass. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

OMGGGG, AMBER B. FROM BIG BROTHER COMES RUNNING INTO LIV AND BIG T’S ROOM LOOKING LIKE A GREEN PEENNNNNNNNN (In college, every Sunday I would roll out of bed and put on my decade old, green Notre Dame sweatshirt and keep the hoodie up all day and my friends called me the “GREEN PEEN)


WTF. I can’t find any pics of myself in green peen but here a bunch of my friends as peens;,)

Peens, galore!

Liv is still injured and is getting upset not knowing what may happen, buuuuuut ultimately she goes home… another one bites the dust!

Later that night in the living room, Devin asks Big T about her origin story. Big T talks about how her younger brother died when she was 2 years old & her mother got cervical cancer. Where she’s from, Malawi, doesn’t have adoption, they only believe in giving children as gifts. So her mother gave her to her sister in the UK as a gift, because she didn’t want Big T to watch her die. THAT’S SO FKN SAD, BUT SO… I LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN UNDERSTAND THE STRENGTH. UGGGGGG, MY HEART ACHHHHHES FOR BIG T. She doesn’t have either of her parents. :,( That’s so so so so so so sad. I love you, Big T, you’re so strong, beautiful, fun, friendly, your parents would be so proud. 🙂 

Right after telling Big T how inspiring she is for going through such hardship and coming out the other side, he’s like “I like you two (Big T & Kyle), but Amber, can you leave??? 

You know WHAT, NAPOLEON? After Napoleon is shitting on his football videos, LMAOOOO

And I’m… like… who the FUUUUUUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? This is the rudest I’ve seen someone be to someone else in a WHILE (given this is TV and I haven’t seen anyone for months, lmao), but DANNNNNNG, Devin, that’s cold, ICE COLD, YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO HER LIKE THAT (Sorry, Drake lyrics are unfortunately tattooed on my fucking brain). 

Amber handles it VERY well might I say until Devin keeps provoking her, so she asks him if he’s won a Challenge, LMAOOOOO. EXACTLY who even ARE YOU. Devin throws a hissy fit and leaves the room. Reminds me as children if I would start winning a game between me and my brother (I often win 😉 ), he would slam my hand and STORM OUT.

The next morning Amber tells Nelson & Cory about Devin being rude AF to her the night before, so good ole Nelly T takes matters into his own hands and confronts Devin… while he is asleep, LMAO. Devin is SO RUDE but admittedly, a tiny bit funny here – His first response to Nelson is, “This can’t be real.” HAHAHAHHA. 

Nelson tries to get Devin to talk to him, Devin tries to get Nelson to leave, so Nelson heeds a final word of warning to Devin… You THINK you’re sitting pretty with your gold skull, but don’t get it TWISTED… we’re COMING for your ass. Nelson also pulls a Josh saying Amber was “literally crying” – cut to Amber chilling HARD eating some eggs, hahahahahahah.

SCIENCE as the challengers walk up to this week’s daily challenge… TJ welcomes the “agents” to their next “mission”: “Drone Control”…. These mofos are going into a series of LAVA TUNNELS… AND THE ONLY WAY TO GET TO THE CODE IS BY DRONE…. Essentially, one partner is driving the drone, and one is seeing the code with the VR glasses… You have to get to the back of the cave, memorize the code through the VR glasses, come back, and plug in the code at this station… Whoever does it the fastest wins!

This is officially where TJ announces Liv’s departure which means Meechie is a rogue agent… Hmmmm.

The challengers have to take this long-ass path down to the cave and I’m thinking HELLLLLL NOOOOO, CAVES ARE TERRIFYING. Ever since the soccer team got stuck in the cave in Thailand, I’m, like, noooooope!

EVERYONE FAILS THIS MISSON EXCEPT FOR TORI AND DEVIN, LMAOOOOOOOO. Did y’all not test this challenge or something???


OK… TJ’s smile is giving me BIG “Here’s Johnny” vibes from “The Shining”

Tori is amped once Devin finishes so she runs over to him to give him a hug which Devin initially dodges but then accepts. He does add-in, “I still don’t like you, though.”, to which Tori replies, “Oh… okay.” LMAOOOOOOOOO. It’s a great comedic moment, I won’t lie. 


TJ announces to the challengers after the failed drone challenge that Tori & Devin are the double agents… meaning they have to throw in a pair to go against whoever the house votes into elimination…

Back at the house, Tori is talking to Aneesa about how she wants to go in if it’s a girl’s elimination day (Everyone is confused because now for the second week in a row, a girl has gone home from an injury, so will it be a girls elimination? Will it be a guys elimination?) and she wants to go against Amber M., the smallest girl in the house, but she’s scared if it does end up being a guys day, that would mean she’s putting in Nelson, which she doesn’t want to do.. . (or so she implies) A lil taste of foreshadowing here…. 

Now it’s time for the BOUNCY HOUSE CLERRRBBBBB, and it looks like a HYPPEEEEE night!!!

Everyone’s happy because no one thinks their going into elimination yet, and Cory, Nelson, & Fessy are all finger-popping each other’s a**holes, talking about how they’re BFFs and they have the strongest alliance in the house… Meanwhile… Fessy’s in an ITM saying, yeah, they’re my best friends, I would take a bullet for them, but I would also put myself into elimination to take one out and PLAY DIRTY WHILE I’M AT IT AND UNNECESSARILY HURT MY FRIEND… SHUT UP, FESSY.

Devin and Tori sit down to talk game, in the clerb which sounds unpleasant to me… can we do it tomorrow???? I’m tryna get my groove on??? They discuss who they’ll potentially send in… Devin wants to send in Josh and Nany because of his dumb as fuck feud with Josh (LMAO, BIG BROTHER SUCKS, I GET SO EMOTIONAL, BABY, JOSH, WHATS 8 X 9… Low key all iconic, lmao), but Tori wants to save Nany. Tori tells Devin if it’s a hall brawl (A classic elimination where there’s a small hall that two challengers starting on either end and they have to run through it (through each other) and get to the other side & ring the bell first) she is DEFINITELY going down to get her gold skull (Remember, she’s won a Hall Brawl before!), and Devin’s like, uhhh, no you’re NOT. JESUS, why did you pick her as a partner if you’re gonna be such an absolute d bag????

Fessy says in an ITM, “everyone knows I’m feeling Tori”… that doesn’t… seem like a good thing… you’re not even trying to hide it all??? I guess you already beat Jordan in an elimination so you’re not scared of him, but, uhhhhh…. You SHOULD BE. Soooo, since he can’t have Tori, he’s gonna go for Gabby, LMAO. 

Gabby’s, like, I kinda like Fessy, but mostly he is…a gross cocky BOY. Gabby is not taking Fessy’s shit, not even for a second, lmaoooo. 

Boys make me shudder too

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH – After a very poor attempt at flirting (mostly bragging) Fessy’s like… soooo….Was that good enough that you’ll sleep with me now??? Gabby’s like, Ummm, no. HAHAHAHAHAH

“I mean, you’re not gonna get in my bed.” *EYEBROWS RAISE* LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

Tori and Josh are drunk talking about the elimination after the backyard club, and Tori’s, like, Devin wants to put you in, Josh, I’m trying to save you but he HATES you, I mean he hates you. HAHAHAHAH. I feel bad for Josh right here… Like… come on… it would be hard to hear everyone hates you all the time, wtf! 

Fire of a thousand suns

IMMEDIATELY Josh gets emotional and goes to tell Kaycee and Jay what he just heard… that he might be in danger of being the house vote. Josh starts to put his weird pent-up anger towards Jay saying how he doesn’t trust him… It’s like when your best friend starts to get close to another person when you’re, like, FIVE, so you’re like nO, they’re MY friend!!! That’s how Josh is acting about Jay becoming friends with Kaycee, lmaoooo. Josh there is nooooooo reason to be tweaking right now.

Jay tells Josh one million times he is with him and Josh is, like, mmm no, and storms out and slams the door in Jay’s face!!!! JOSH… U HAVE THE EMOTIONAL MATURITY of TRULY a FIVE-YEAR-OLD. 

“I’m not gonna fight you, I’m not a fucking idiot” HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

Fucking, idiot” LMAOOOOOOOOO

The night turns into morning and Josh walks in on Kaycee and Nany chatting. Nany asks Josh what he’s heard about who could be going into elimination… Josh says’s “me” and if I am the house vote, I want to go against Jay… Kaycee is, like, OMG, JOSH, HE IS OUR THIRD ALLY ARE U DUMB. 

Of course in this very same moment, Jay walks by and Nany invites him to sit down. Jay jokingly replies I can’t, “Josh don’t like me no more”, to which Josh again gets up and LEAVES THE ROOM, OMG. Simply a child, there is no other way around it, lmao. And how you not gonna like, BAY JAY??? Josh, you’re even less trustworthy and dumber than I originally had thought.

what’s wrong with Jay?? ILY

During the deliberation, the challengers debate if it will be a girl’s or guys elimination… Nelson is convinced it’s a guy’s day (which ended up being true), and Natalie suggests they should think twice…

Everyone goes to the secret Survivor vote, and afterward, Tori and Devin go into the secret double agents’ chamber to see who the comprised agents are based on the votes from the house, and discuss who they want to throw into elimination against them….

It’s revealed that Amber M. and my boy Nelly T are the compromised agents – SAD! After, Tori & Devin see all the challengers who voted Amber & Nelson in… 

So now they must decide who to throw against Nelson & Amber… still not knowing whether or not it’s a girl or guy elimination… Devin says he’s concerned to put Josh in (his number one target) in case he comes back and comes for him… Tori like NO way…NaNy would nEVER do that to me and it’s like… Everyone thinks no one will fuck them when ultimately… most everyone will, right????

The next morning Cory and Nelson are discussing Nelson’s choice of partner… Nelly’s, like, I thought it was smart to pick her cuz she’s a rookie but now I’m regretting it, and it’s like okay … fair, but also… Frick you, Nelson!!! Lil do you know you will be the one leaving this week!!! Not that I think it’s just or fair at all;,((((

Cory’s, like, bro, I told you, LMAOOOO. Both y’all can FUCK OFF. JK … I love their friendship as I’ve stated many a time. AND I love when they have a cute lil handshake/comfort hang hug!!! Even boys like physical touch;,( we all need it!!!)

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, okay, LAUGH MY ASS OFF. Fessy and Josh are sitting in the hot tub (a quick morning dip? Sounds nice lol) and Josh is, like, yeah, people say my elimination record isn’t great, but … I know what it means to lose and now I’m hungrier than EVER… You can SAY that josh if you WANT…. But… the facts remain facts… good luck, though!

Two brooooos… chillin in a HOT tub… cuz they’re not-
Fessy: Josh, you’re the worst player here, lMAOOOOOO

The alarm sounds which means it’s ELIMINATION TIME!

Kyle rounding up the pigs for slaughter

The challengers walk down to “The Crater” to face their next elimination, only to discover upon arrival that it’s a notorious “Hall Brawl” – This is a classic elimination challenge where two competitors start at either side of a narrow see-through glass “hall”. They have to run through each other, typically having a grueling collision in the middle, and the first to ring the bell on the opposite side wins, typically best out of two…

In recent knowledge, we’ve seen Nelsen vs. Rogan as recently as Total Madness, season 35, where Nelson sacrificed himself for his friend Cory (it was quite touching, another reason I’ll always love Nelly T), and Tori vs. Jenny (the most recent woman Challenge Champ winning Total Madness)… HOWEVER, Tori beat her in the War of the Worlds II, season 34, hall brawl elimination, and it was an upset for the bOOKS. I’m, like… dannnnng, I’m SURE Tori wants that glory again… and ESP against Amber M… IM NERVous.

Nelson vs. Rogan – Total Madness, Season 35
Jenny vs. Tori – War of the Worlds II, Season 34

TORI IS, LIKE, UM… TJ, IS THIS GIRL’S OR GUY’S ELIMINATION? CUZ, LIKE, IF GIRL’S – YES ,IF GUY’S – NO… TJ’s like hunni, hunni, HUNNI… isn’t this… your 5th season??? That’s not how this works. 🙂 But what he actually says is, “As an agent, you have to expect everything and should also expect nothing.”LMAO, fucking Socrates TJ, damn!

RIGHT NOW I’M, LIKE… TORI… ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING… THIS IS A WIN, WIN SCENARIO – If it’s a girl’s elimination, you beat Amber in a hall brawl. If it’s a guys elimination, Devin loses to Nelson DEFINITELY, and you get a better partner ie. Nelson or probably literally anyone better than Devin is left – WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLL.

In an absurd turn of events… Tori says she’s looking out “for a few friends” and is putting in Aneesa and Fessy… EVEN NORMAL NAM IS, LIKE, WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUCK???

Josh is BEGGGING, GROVELING, for Tori to send him in and I’m, like, Josh… you must be on A DRUG that DOES NOT YET EXIST IF YOU ARE DELUSIONAL ENOUGH TO THINK YOU CAN BEAT NELSON IN A HALL BRAWL, wtfffff.

TJ announces it is, after all, a guy’s elimination, and I’m just, like, DAMNNN, they’ve ALL been guy’s eliminations!!! AND POOR NELLY T. I’M SO SAD HE HAS TO HALL BRAWL FESSY AFTER HAVING TO ALSO HALL BRAWL FREAKING ROGAN, IT’S NOT FAIIIIR.

OKAY… I KNEW FESSY PLAYED DIRTY THE FIRST TIME I WATCHED BUT NOW I’M REWATCHING AND FESSY COMPLETELY PULLS OFF NELSON’S FACE MASK I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM. YOU’RE EVIL FESSY AND YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT TO WIN. ***Disclaimer: I did just listen to the Challenge Mania podcast with Fessy on it and he was saying how these were motorcycle helmets?? But that he wasn’t trying to play dirty, he was trying to pick Nelson up? IDK, I’ll cut him some slack but still seemed sketchy.

This shot deserves an Emmy

Fessy tries to give Nelson a hug after the elimination but Nelson pushes him away. There has been a forever shift in their friendship… I’d need a minute too!

Nelson leaves us with some stolen words from Batman, and I’m sad to see Nelson go so early in the season, and ESPECIALLY like this, going out on a Hall Brawl against the unbeatable man – Fessy, AFTER being super close to beating Rogan, another HUGE guy, in a Hall Brawl last season. Hate to see you go, Nelson, love to watch you leave. ;,(

Cuz what does the Dark Knight do? RISE

So Fessy wins and gains a gold skull… Congrats, Fessy. You got it in the least respectable, annoying way possible (after passing up on two eliminations, just to go against his friend when like… there would have been other opportunities/there were prior opportunities….)

Fessy now has the option to stay with his partner, or infiltrate another pair – He says he “feels like he’s going to get taken from her (Aneesa) eventually” it’s like… Okay, LMFAO, Fessy just say you don’t want to be with Aneesa and MOVE ON.

Jay’s in an ITM saying like… Fessy, every single thing you did tonight was dumb- from going against your friend to choosing someone who is ALREADY IN YOUR ALLIANCE AND PISSING OFF ANEESA WHO LOW KEY COULD BE A FORCE IN THIS GAME BASED ON EXPERIENCE ALONE. Fessy you just gained yourself an enemy from this season, and that was fucking ME. 

After Fessy takes Kaycee, Leroy is left partnerless… He can choose between Amber and Aneesa and he chooses Aneesa who is a veteran/someone he’s played many a game with before this…

This leaves Amber M. with Mechie which… SPOILER ALERT except not really because I don’t BELIEVE IN SPOILERS, only what the show has given me already, and that is a shot of Amber and Mechie macking (kissing) in the promos so I know this is the beginning of the end here. Sunglasses emoji 🙂 

Alright so oooooh I need to adjust my top ten golden skulls, and then top 6 finalist (assuming only 6 make it to the final) Let me revise my picks below: 



  1. Nam (12/30) -> Nam (1/15)
  2. Leroy (12/30) -> Leroy (1/15)
  3. Nelson (12/30) -> Fessy (1/15) EEEEEK, As MUCH AS I HATE TO SAY IT, FUCK.
  4. Darrell (12/30) -> Darrell (1/15)… I’m holding out for my hero, ie. DARRELL
  5. Kyle (12/30) -> CT (1/15)… For now, replacing Kyle with CT since I also put Big T up there… gotta manifest that shit!


  1. Natalie (12/30) -> Lolo (1/15)
  2. Lolo (12/30) -> Kam (1/15)
  3. Kam (12/30) -> Kaycee (1/15)
  4. Kaycee (12/30) -> Tori (1/15)


GUYS – Nam, Fesssy, & CT

GIRLS – Lolo, Kam, & Kaycee

WE’LL SEE JUST HOW THE WIND BLOWS. Thanks for reading my late, but hopefully still semi-relevant thoughts. If you like what you see (read 😉 ), you can hit the “Follow” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page to receive my blogs in your inbox every time I post. 🙂 OR you can follow me on ~sosh~ (social media) where I post every time a new blog comes out. 🙂 – Twitter @ Literallyerin or Instagram @Itsmeerinweber. Ta ta, for now. 🙂

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