One of the fiercest competitors to ever grace The Challenge, Laurel Stucky is a Challenge champion, 4 time finalist, and overall Challenge Legend, Even TJ said it!

Laurel Stucky is one of the strongest, most cut-throat, yet loyal & caring characters we’ve seen on The Challenge. Initially, she was disliked for her bluntness & downright meanness at times, but as her story progresses over the seasons, we find out she’s not the hard exterior-ed, brutal beast she once was thought to be – She’s a nuanced, complex person that is capable of holding different sides within her.

We’ve watched her go from a physical competition beast, to someone who could cut others with her words, to the fiercest of friends, to a young, beautiful, HORNY LOL girl, back to a physical AND strategic competitor again, and sprinkle in the quintessential Laurel arguments throughout. As time goes on, we see softer, and different sides of Laurel – a hookup that blossoms into a relationship, that is, oh yeah, GAY, to most recently a season where she’s competing with one of her best friends from real life. To me, Laurel is one of the most interesting, entertaining people to ever ever be on this show, and as TJ said in her send-off on Ride or Dies, she’s truly a Challenge GOAT, perhaps the best woman competitor in the show’s history. Come with me down Laurel lane, I think there’s a lot we can all learn & appreciate about her journey.

Fresh Meat II, 2010

Laurel Stucky first appeared on The Challenge in 2010 on season 19 “Fresh Meat” the second iteration of the format (the first being season 12) where half the cast were completely fresh faces not seen on previous MTV shows, The Real World or Road Rules. Her partner was Kenny, a notorious competitor himself – at the time he had 3 season wins under his belt, 3 finalist finishes, and one season he left before the finals, The Duel, after being beaten in elimination by Nehemiah. Kenny is a dark spot in Challenge history, never returning after the 21st season due to sexual assault allegations made against him from his time on “The Island”, season 18, from another former contestant, Tonya Cooley. Nonetheless, none of this had come to light fully at this time I don’t think & he was able to return for another season to be partners with Laurel. 

Laurel’s physicality sparks awe in & of itself: She’s a big girl, tall and built, with a beautiful face to top it all off. At the beginning of the season, each of the fresh meat competitors did “time trials” and other workout tests to determine their “grade”, ie. tell the RW/RR cast members how good they were. Laurel was the second girl picked behind Cara Maria, someone she would come to know deeply throughout her career. 

Everyone is initially a little timid when we first see them on a show, but Laurel’s ITMs immediately foreshadows the absolute beast she held within her. We learn she’s a division 1 athlete and has an impeccable drive for competition. 

Establishing her dominance early, almost instantly, Laurel & Kenny win the very first daily challenge giving them the power to put another team into elimination. They choose Cara Maria & Darrell, and in one swift move, ignite the frenemies relationship Cara & Laurel will go on to have for the next 10 or more seasons. 

Throughout the season, Laurel & Kenny continue to dominate challenges, after the first 5, they had won 4. At this point in the season, despite Laurel’s initial friendship shown with Theresa, she becomes a bit of an outcast. The competitors view her as arrogant & cocky, but it’s hard to be those things when you have the bite to back the bark. I do believe it stemmed from jealousy of her & Kenny’s domination, but Laurel is a brash personality & was never afraid to call it exactly how she saw it, causing discomfort in the house.

One moment, she has a confrontation (she seems tipsy, so perhaps backed with a bit of alcohol courage) in the kitchen saying, “Why don’t people like me?” Carley, also a bit brazen despite being about entertaining as a wall, tells her it’s the way she acts at challenges. Laurel fires back, “Before or afterward? Before or after?”, likely thinking that she was being unfairly criticized for being happy/celebrating after daily challenge wins. Carley retorts with “both” sending Laurel into a temper tantrum – “You want to know why I spend all my time in my room? I’m reading my book because I hate this house, I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT.” And in this scene alone (alongside her dominant physical performance obviously), I think Laurel solidified her callback – She hastily leaves the table and walks towards the stairs saying, “I’m going up to my fkn room & I’m gonna be isolated & be fkn cocky” ending her statement with a fake punch to a wall. She has a slight smile in her anger, so we know she sees the camera on her and is loving it. Well, the great news is Laurel, the camera loves you right back! 

She has a sweet moment with Evelyn after she beats Wes, her main alliance & partner in the game. Evelyn is feeling isolated & on an island and Laurel comforts her and tells her she understands as she’s been in that position most of the game. Despite being on different sides of the house, this is the first sweet, caring moment we see from Laurel. She can be mean & “a bitch” words from her mouth, but she also has the capacity for deep empathy & care. Just like all humans, we contain multitudes. 

Despite the constant turmoil in the house between Kenny & Wes’s alliances, the problem for them this season would turn out to be Landon & Carley. Carley, another fresh meat competitor, while I give her credit because all people who are “winners” deserve their win in one way or the other, Landon was the real beast of the pair. 

Laurel & Kenny make it to the finals with Landon & Carley (who else), but struggle to keep up with Landon’s lead throughout. Based on old recaps I found, people were impressed with Laurel’s performance during the regular season in daily challenges, but thought her final performance was a bit underwhelming – We learn perhaps endurance is not necessarily Laurel’s strong suit. But that’s like saying Superman’s weakness was his glasses… He couldn’t see without them… Yes, maybe she wasn’t as good at endurance in terms of her other skills, but she is wholly the best women competitor we’ve perhaps ever seen on the show. 

Ending the season in 2nd place, a 1/1 elimination record that would only grow in winnings, Laurel has one of the most memorable rookie seasons in Challenge history – alongside Tori Deal, Killa Kam, Jordan Wiseley? And I’m sure many more. 

Cutthroat, 2010

Laurel returns the very next season for The Challenge’s 20th season, Cutthroat, in the Czech Republic. After making quite the impression her rookie season, Laurel returns to the house with a bit of an inflated sense of self. Again, I think she is valid in most of her beliefs, but now it’s coming to a point it’s making it hard for her work to on a team. And as this challenge was set up in a team format, Laurel struggled greatly and caused rifts along the way. 

The first night Laurel almost gets into a physical altercation with Shauvon over absolutely NOTHING – and they were TEAMMATES, LMAO (and they were roommates!) The argument starts because a drunken Laurel asks to “wrestle” a drunken Shauvon, who immediately takes this as “Laurel’s talking shit”… It’s truly over almost nothing but I can tell you it was fueled by drunken rage. Shauvon forgets what they were fighting about 10 minutes after the argument, lmaOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m glad nothing happened, but this whole thing was just insane & hilarious.

ANDDDD most memorable to Challenge fans across the globe – Laurel’s attack on Big Easy. Probably one of the worst, most cringe, legitimate BAD verbal attacks I’ve ever seen on the show… I do my best to not cast moral judgments on anyone, so listen to me when I say – objectively this was one of the meanest things I’ve ever seen on the show. There’s a good crowd of people in the hot tub, passing around a bottle of vodka that the edit shows us clearly Laurel certainly has her fair share of. Later on, Big Easy, or Eric, comes up to talk with everyone in the hot tub when Laurel quickly starts verbally attacking him, saying some very personal, very real insults – regarding his appearance, his ability to get girls, his Lil Eric size, etc. The incident was so bad that Laurel issued an apology at the reunion, on Facebook, and… which was a lot for the time. A big mistake comes with a big responsibility to own it. Laurel cemented herself as a villain in this act & this season overall. 

Enter only if you dare

In another scene, Laurel’s hair is wet and she has a towel wrapped around her body, obviously showing she had just taken a shower. She walks in the doorway of a living room where everyone is & Camila (in her rookie season, greatness is evident in this one very early on as well) bets her $100 to drop her towel & hug Dunbar naked. Without much hesitation, Laurel’s running naked toward Dunbar and runs back again. Bananas yells out, “Get her, Paula! ” to which Paula tackles a fully naked Laurel. They wrestle around together for quite some time, still with Laurel BUTT ASS NAKED. At one point, Paula is straddling Laurel & she warns her saying, “Paula, I will rip your shirt off if you don’t get up”… Paula doesn’t get up, and thus the shirt is ripped. Paula, now topless, finally seems like she’s had enough so Laurel sets her free. 

This is an exemplary Laurel moment to me – She’s fun, she’s fearless, and she’s not afraid to be out there, but she also desperately wants to fit in. If you see her face when Camila bets her to do the naked hug, she first has a look of disgust & apprehension, followed by a reluctant smile & acceptance.

I bet it wasn’t about the money at all for Laurel, but more so the feeling of being included and making people laugh. I also think this is where a lot of the lashing out comes from – She feels constantly isolated & “weird” and it’s hard for her to understand why, thus lashing out at the people who are different from her – Mandi & Shauvon because they are the stereotypical “hot & popular” girls, and maybe Big Easy so she could lift herself and feel more wanted than perhaps ONE person in the house. This is all my own speculation (psych minor over here, LMAO), but I’m starting to get a picture of why Laurel acts the way she does, especially in the early seasons.

In terms of the actual competition, Laurel is on a team with Abram, Cara Maria, Luke, & Sarah for a good portion of the game. She gets into many arguments with Abram about wanting to get rid of Cara Maria, who she saw as the weakest link on their team. However, despite their opposite demeanor; Cara was more cutesy, small, & timid; Cara did objectively perform well in daily challenges for the most part. I think again their conflict stemmed from Laurel being annoyed that Cara wasn’t like her: as tough as her, as honest as her, as fearless as her, and she didn’t want to deal with it. 

At one point, her team sends Laurel into elimination against Camila which she only wins narrowly, but nonetheless, her elimination record stood at 2/2 at that point. 

After being thrown into elimination by her team, Laurel comes back with fire in her eyes, swearing vengeance to get Cara Maria out. Sarah Rice & Laurel form a bond likely due to both of their extremely competitive natures. The first challenge they plan on throwing, the competition overwhelms her, and she can’t help but try. She and Abe complete the challenge for their whole team & pull out the win. The next week, she & Sarah try to throw the challenge again, but when it becomes too obvious & Abe yells she’s next in elimination if they lose, she tries & once again wins the challenge. 

The gray team makes it to the final with 5 players – Abe, Cara, Luke, Laurel, & Sarah. Abe becomes deathly unwell soon into the final challenge, projectile vomiting & speaking gibberish, and the team is forced to leave him behind. With only 4 players, the team attempts to carry on, when Sarah, too, becomes violently ill, leaving the gray team with three people – Laurel, Luke, and Cara Maria, the two competitors Laurel did NOT want to see in the final among her team. Fair to say Laurel’s instincts were not wholly correct to borrow another great reality competition show phrase: outwit, outlast, outplay!

Laurel breaks down multiple times throughout the final & we see just how real the struggle is. Conversely, not a single tear is shed by Cara Maria. I’m not saying either is wrong, I think they’re both valid. But “emotional” can mean different things to different people and having emotions you express to a certain extent is a healthy thing. 

This is probably the worst season for Laurel as she comes off as mean, arrogant, hard to work with, and stubborn. Laurel is a 26-year-old girl at this point coming off of an amazing first season where she physically imposed herself & created a name for herself in her rookie season – that’s not easy to do. She was probably riding the high of the first show, her newfound “fame” (to the exact degree it’s hard to measure & understand without social media – was she being stopped on the street? Was she doing the bar appearances?), alongside her lifelong feelings of isolation and otherness compared to girls her age, was a recipe for disaster in her second season. But with time & lessons learned, Laurel will continue to evolve and grow into herself in seasons to come. On to the next one! 

Rivals, 2011

In the 21st season of The Challenge, the theme is “Rivals” with pairs of same-sex enemies we’ve seen in previous seasons. Naturally, Cara Maria & Laurel are together after their turmoil on Cutthroat. But this season is where we start to see the softer side of Laurel, and most of all, her fierce sense of loyalty. 

She’s also learned at this point that she must work well with her teammates or she’ll never get a win. Laurel & Cara work together well right off the bat & establish themselves as a strong pair in the house.

But they’re also less veteran than a lot of players & are sent into elimination in the 3rd episode against Laurel’s former rival, Theresa, and her partner Camila. Laurel has already beaten Camila in elimination in Cutthroat, and with the help of Cara, the pair eliminates Camila & Theresa from the game quite early on. Laurel is now 3/3 in elimination wins.

One of Laurel’s main moves on this show I’ve noticed is her nudity… In the 5th episode, we start with a partying scene where Laurel & Jenn skinny dip in the pool. All the boys look upon the event with jealousy except for Tyler who has joined all the girls in their naked debauchery. The frequent nudity is a testament to Laurel’s fearlessness – She is who she is, and she’ll never be ashamed of that. I love how joyful she seems, probably a little alcohol, but maybe that feeling of freedom brings out her joy too. 

In the 8th episode, Laurel & Cara Maria again find themselves in elimination after DQ’ing in the daily challenge, this time their opponents are Jonna & Jasmine. Again the pair pulls off a victory, now making Laurel’s personal elimination record 4/4. 

I almost FORGOT ABOUT THIS & I feel like most people do… CT & Laurel have a brief FLING despite nothing ever really happening, or so it seems. Kenny, Wes, & Evan brigade get mad at Laurel for “flirting with the enemy”, but Laurel remains unbothered, and like she always does – continues to do what she wants to do. Say what you will about Laurel… but the girl PULLLSSSS.

The most notable Laurel scene from Rivals comes in episode 8 – It’s another partying scene in the house, and all the competitors are up to their usual pranks & debauchery. Cara Maria, often the target of tormenting, gets an entire liter of soda poured on her white shirt by Wes. Naturally very upset, Cara goes to her room to cry. Laurel quickly comes to Cara’s defense, again showing her softer side & comforting an upset Cara. After spending time trying to calm Cara down, Laurel leaves the room seeking vengeance on those who bullied Cara. 

Laurel quickly shuts down Wes, trying to return the favor by pouring her own liter of soda on him. It’s actually quite hilarious as Wes & Laurel are chasing each other around a piano & Tyler keeps screaming, “NOT BY THE PIANO! YOU GUYS, NOT BY THE PIANO, SERIOUSLY!” Lmaoooooo, I love someone who knows the value of a baby grand piano. 

Laurel ignores Tyler’s pleas as she only sees red for Wes & as we know up to this point, no one knows how to make someone cower in shame like Laurel. Paula, however, tries to come to Wes’s defense of bullying Cara, despite being a part of the bullying. And again, in one of the meanest, harshest scenes we’ve ever seen, Laurel annihilates Paula with her words – attacking her issues with anorexia, calling her old for still being on The Challenge/TV, and for not being able to find a boyfriend/husband. JEEEEEEEEEESH. It’s both horrible to condone, but also kind of amazing to see how protective and loyal Laurel can be. 

Again, Laurel makes it to the finals with Cara Maria, but ultimately they lose to Paula & Evelyn, giving Paula her first win after she was plagued with not being able to ever win. 

Free Agents, 2014

After her Rivals stint, Laurel takes a 3-season & 3-year break from the show, returning for her 4th time on season 25, Free Agents. She tells us she’s coming back to dominate the competitors, but hopefully, show a nicer side of herself this time. She starts with a sweeter demeanor than we’ve seen in the past for the first few episodes – giving Cohutta a head kiss after winning a paired daily challenge with him, and smiling super cute sing-saying, “It’s Cohutta’s biiiiiirthdaaaaay!” These are the sweet moments I treasure from Laurel. 

Early in the season, Jordan & Laurel begin flirting & the relationship quickly progresses. Aneesa has a scene where she complains she could hear the pair giggling and moaning one night for so long that she had to leave the room & sleep on the couch, LMAOOOOOOO. OOPS! But honestly, Laurel, I would be giggling and moaning like a maniac if THEE Jordan Wiseley ever wanted a piece of me so I can’t BLAME HER. Laurel has now pulled both CT ANDDD JORDANNNNNNN, I’m sorry, girls got some of the best game we’ve ever seen on this show. Nothing but respect for my president, queen Laurel.

In the 5th episode, Laurel fittingly goes into her 5th elimination after being voted in by the house. The elimination is “Balls In”, where one competitor plays defense and one plays offense. The offensive player tries to score their kickball-sized ball into a trashcan in the middle of the ring, while the defensive player tries to stop them by throwing the ball outside of the circle. Jasmine pulls the kill card and we officially have the largest & smallest girl in the house going into effectively a football-esque elimination… Needless to say, Jasmine gets rocked & Laurel beats her without barely breaking a sweat. This puts Laurel’s elimination record now at 5/5. 

Laurel will go on to compete in 3 additional eliminations & win them all, beating Aneesa, Theresa, & Cara Maria, leaving her with a 8/8 elimination record. That’s 100% WIN RATE for those that struggle with math. ONE HUNDREDDDD PERCENT OF THE TIME SHE WINS. Ain’t NOBODY do an elimination like Laurel, that’s for DAMN SURE. 

But let’s backtrack on the progression of Cara & Laurel this season – They start off as friends from their Rivals season, but as the season goes on, Laurel once again seems to put her own game over any personal relationships she’s had. After Cara returns from the hospital after an elimination, Laurel, instead of apologizing for wanting to put her in, simply asks her how she’s doing. Cara Maria, a strong personality herself despite having a sweeter, cutesy nature, cuts Laurel off & tells her they’re no longer friends based on how Laurel is treating her. Laurel cries after the interaction, again showing us, she’s not the stone-cold-hearted girl she projects most of the time. 

Laurel makes it to the final for the 4th time in a row, she now is 4/4 on making it to the finals in Challenge seasons. The final has 6 competitors, 3 guys & 3 girls, and for the first 3 phases, they will work in rotating guy-girl pairs. Laurel excels with her first two partners, Johnny Bananas & Johnny Reily, coming in first in both phases. In the third phase, they have to climb the mountain, and despite being with Zach who is a dominant physical competitor himself, they finish 3rd as Zach essentially dies on the mountain. Needless to say, Laurel was FUMING ABOUT THAT. 

In the end, Laurel’s total time beats Nany by 9 minutes, giving her her first Challenge win. HURRAY! I’m truly so happy Laurel finally became a Challenge champion, after coming in second for ALL THREE other finals she competed in (Fresh Meat 2, Cutthroat, & Rivals). And if she hadn’t won this season… she would have never returned for season 29, Invasion of the Champions, and given us the reality TV GOLD THAT WE DESERVE…

Invasion of the Champions, 2017

Soooo as I just alluded to, Laurel will return for her 5th season on season 29, Invasion of the Champions, after another 3 season/3 year break in between. The structure of this season is that first, it starts with only challengers who have never won the game… About a third of the way into the season, however, the twist is revealed when a bunch of ex-Challenge champions return to the game. 

This is the season where I believe we see the most vulnerability from Laurel – Once she comes in, she and Nicole Zannatta start to form a relationship, and more than a friendship at that. Camila & Laurel have a sweet scene where Laurel admits that she’s starting to develop romantic feelings for Nicole, but she’s scared because she’s never been with a girl before & she’s worried about what her dad and even society will think. 

But of course, this still doesn’t go off without a hitch because if you’re familiar with Nicole Zannatta, you know she’s a PLAYER… Nicole tries to get with both Cara Maria AND Laurel… once again continuing the feud/frenemies nature of Cara & Laurel’s relationship. The real kicker is though – Nicole admits she’s more into Cara, but Cara is just appreciating the attention whereas she doesn’t have an interest in Nicole. Laurel does though. 

The feud again comes to a head when Cara & Laurel go into ANOTHER elimination together – Laurel AGAIN claiming victory over Cara in the game, and effectively in the relationship, as she can now be Nicole’s main focus and recipient of affection. Without Cara in the game, the two do get closer and form a legitimate relationship. And Laurel’s elimination record is now 9/9. 

But of course, we can never have nice things in life, can we? In a big bundle of karmic retribution, Laurel is eliminated right before the finals by CAMILA of all people in a rope untangling contest. This is Laurel’s first elimination loss, putting her record at 9/10. Nicole gives her a hug & tearful goodbye. The two would go on to have almost a year-long relationship ultimately ending due to Nicole’s unfaithfulness… Nicole??? Unable to keep it in her pants??? NOOOOO, you don’t say! 

Laurel also makes a brief appearance on season 31, Vendettas, as a “mercenary” brought in to play vs. competitors on the season in elimination. She easily beats a tiny Brittini, and if you count this, puts her elimination record up to 10/11… At this point, Nicole & Laurel were broken up and the sight of Laurel alone makes Nicole break down. After beating Brittini, Laurel goes up to the stands and gives Nicole a sweet hug. It’s a beautiful moment of respect & acceptance between two people that used to be in love. 

War of the Worlds 2, 2019

Laurel returns for her 6th season on the 34th season of The Challenge, War of the Worlds 2, where the setup was Americans vs. the Brits. She successfully blindsides Wes with the help of Josh Martinez in the second guy elimination. If anyone knows how & dares to make big moves, it’s Laurel. 

But she does not fare long in this game… going out in the 4th episode against Ninja Natalie in one of the most controversial eliminations to date. 

For the elimination, the women had to climb up these tree-like structures & place sticks in all the holes, allowing them to climb further & farther up the tree & to ultimately ring a bell at the top to win. Laurel does “complete” the elimination first when TJ blares the horn, celebrating with a crazy tongue out as she cascades down the tree, swinging in the air on her harness. Everyone is cheering like crazy since Ninja Natalie technically should have “won” the elimination based on both their strengths.

But quickly Ninja calls out that Laurel didn’t place her final stick in the right hole… The whole air changes, and the two fight to place the last stick in the right hole. Natalie then officially wins the elimination & Laurel, unable to accept defeat & calling it unfair, argues with TJ. To me, this whole thing was BS! TJ blared the horn!! Everyone knows once TJ hits the horn, that signifies the end of a race. So while I do agree with Laurel, the show did not & TJ shuts her down and essentially called her a sore loser. Her elimination record now holds 2 losses – 10/12. Laurel leaves a bit shamefully & it feels tough that this may have been the last time we see Laurel. 

Rides or Dies, 2022

Much to my surprise & delight, Laurel returns to The Challenge for season 38, with ANOTHER 3-year break in between… But this time, she lets us know she has been knee-deep in veterinary school and has officially become a vet. This is why I love The Challenge so much. At this point, we’ve had Laurel on our screens for over 10 years, and like any human, a lot of growth & evolution happens throughout that time. 

More mature & perhaps stable than ever, Laurel returns with her best friend Jakk as her partner to the show. Jakk & Laurel met on Ex on the Beach where they both came in as exes – Laurel came in for Nicole, and Jakk came in for Adore DELANO IE. ONE OF MY FAV DRAG QUEENS FROM RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE OF ALL TIME. EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING, ONCE AGAIN! 

Once Laurel, always Laurel – even in her short time on the season, we see her get into arguments, shutting Michele down in multiple different scenes, and she forms romantic relationships with a COUPLE people in the house. First & foremost, Horacio, until he admits he has someone he’s dating back home, and then Laurel quickly moves on to a brief cuddle session with none other than the modern slut of the show, Messy Fessy, or as he is asking to be called now, Faysal. 

Laurel & Jakk go into elimination early on against rookies Kim & Colleen, but manage to pull out the victory, putting Laurel’s elimination record up to 11/13.

But the pair’s victory wasn’t much to propel them in the game, as they are voted in AGAIN the very next week. This time facing Aneesa & Jordan – And as we know, Laurel has a lot of history with both of these players. Laurel & Jordan know each other.. Biblically LOL, and Aneesa & Laurel had a bit of a rivalry going on Free Agents, not to mention Laurel sending her home in an elimination that season. 

Jordan, with his own impressive elimination record, and just an overall freak of NATURE in the Challenge, pulls out the win for him & Aneesa over Laurel & Jakk. Jordan, now softer than ever himself after going through an engagement & end of engagement all in the public eye, not to mention reconciling with his racist TV presence in the past, hugs Laurel as she softly cries into his shoulder. It’s a really sweet moment. TJ has said in the past that he doesn’t mind when people cry when they lose because that shows they really care. 

It was another unfortunate end to a season with Laurel, leaving with a final elimination record of 11/14 – 11 wins, 3 losses, and I pray it’s not the last time we see her on The Challenge, but I fear it might be. TJ sends Laurel off by calling her a “GOAT”, one of the greatest to ever play the game. This feels really poetic after TJ & Laurel had a spat at the end of the last season she was on. Laurel cries in her last ITM saying how she wanted to make it farther in the season, but that luck just wasn’t in her favor. With the big fanfare of sending Laurel off, it almost feels like an ending of a chapter. 

And maybe I’d be okay with that. We’ve seen Laurel grow from a reckless kid in her 20s, to a good & loyal friend, to a woman with an impressive professional career & a life she’s built for herself. 

I think the reason I love Laurel so much is that she does have many sides to her, strength, fierceness, empathy, and loyalty, but the most important side to me is her fearlessness. Everyone is scared of Laurel, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone successfully beat her in an argument. Guy or girl, she’s not scared to tell anyone what she thinks. She’s not afraid to pursue the people she is romantically interested in. And her coming-out story is one of the most important we’ve seen on The Challenge. It goes without saying that she’s amazing at TV, but I think it’s mostly just amazing she seems to do & be exactly who she wants to be. I think that’s something we can all admire in her & strive for ourselves. 

I hope this isn’t the last time we see Laurel, but if it is? Laurel, thank you for everything you’ve given to the show – the hookups, the fights, the physical domination, the GAY, and everything in between. You are and will always be one of my favorite players to ever play. 

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