The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies Season 37 Episode 3 Recap 🙂

We’re back, baby, for the recap of The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies season 37 episode 3. 🙂 This season is turning out to be better than I may have anticipated with so many rookies and a lack of vets, especially the older ones we have come to know and love in the challenge. But let’s dive in!

We start with a “Previously on, The Challenge” for a recap of the prior episode – Amber B. came in the game, the competitors competed in Heli Heist with Ashley yelling, “That’s my man”, setting up the explosion later that night, Esther and Fessy win, Ashley blows up at Berna calling her “Bertha” for hooking up with Nelson, the vets agree to align and get the rookies out before the vets, Kelz & Tracey get sent into elimination, Fessy & Esther send in Ed & Emy to go against them, & they end up victorious, sending Tracey & Kelz home. They both decide to steal a different partner – Ed chooses Tori, and Emy chooses Devin… These two are popular picks y’all!!

The most important challengers to the storyline get to enter the house first whenever they come home – After the daily challenge, the agency will be shown walking in first, and after the elimination, the victors also walk in first so the producers can get that reaction shot. So the first to re-enter the house post elimination, are Tori & Ed followed by Emy & Devin. Tori scoops up Ed in a lovers’ leap with both of them cheering & saying, “We’re going to get hoagies!” Lmaoooo, it’s so cute! These lil northeasterners! Similarly, Emy tries to pick up Devin but mostly just hobbles him over a couple feet before dropping him, LMAO.

Emy says she chose Devin because AGAIN he was pointing to himself as he did for Michele… At this point, I’m, like, now hold up… It made sense to me that Devin wanted to be with Michele so he tipped her off but now that he’s done it again??? I’m, like… is this just for screen time… Please give me one reason why you would go from Michele – a socially excellent player, strategic as all get out, has WON SURVIVOR – to Emy who is like 22 and emotional and irrational which makes for AMAZING TV (gotten the most screentime of all rookies?), but not an amazing partner.

Tori & Ed sit down for the CUTEST SCENE EVER, I SHIP THIS PARTNERSHIP SO HARD. Tori says that they need to get to know each other quickly, to which Ed replies, “Obviously, that’s why we’re on this dinner date!” as they both sit with one large bowl of “salad” between them that appears to just be, like… radishes?? Or the purple leaves??? LOL. 

Ed is saying he’s happy she’s happy he’s her partner, and Tori helps finish what he’s trying to say. Ed says, “See we even finish each other’s sentences now!” And Tori says, “Finish each other’s salads.” LOLLLL. So down for these two.

We see Big T talking to Fessy asking why she wasn’t in on the plan to get Kelz out. She’s in ITM’s saying if people aren’t talking to you, they’re talking about you, so this immediately signals red flags in her head that she’s on the bottom of the vets’ alliance and sets up the idea that Big T was in danger of going into elimination this episode.

Flash forward to presumably the next day, and we see a montage of a ton of challengers laying around the pool, peacefully taking in the sun. Quickly cut over to Nelly T shirtless in the grass and we hear the beginning of “Anaconda” by Nick Minaj, LMAOOOOO. Nelly welcomes us to “Nelly T’s Bootcamp” LMAOOOOOO, YESSSSSSS. How can you not love Nelson?? He is amazing TV!!! This is so fkn goofy and cute and he’s training all these people & taking it VERY seriously. I LOVE IT!

Also random note… It appears most of the people taking part in the bootcamp are rookies… Perhaps trying to get into the vet’s good graces & trying to show how dedicated they are to winning?

During the boot camp (which Berna is obviously a part of, boos supporting boos), we see her in an ITM saying that although she’s a rookie in this game, she is already struggling with emotions. She follows that up with, “Not my emotions, the emotions that others are projecting onto me.” And I’m like whoaaaaa, I think that’s a very smart good way to word that.

Michele & Emmanuel lay on a day bed talking (LOL, borrowing Bachelor in Paradise lingo) with Emmanuel on his back and Michele propped up on her elbows to face him, and I am … struck… by… how hot Emmanuel actually looks here, LOL. Like, no offense, but he looks insane at first glance… Or, like, the first ten glances… With the face and neck tats and the insane bowl haircut and the MUSTACHE…. But laying on this bed here with his arm kinda drooped around Michele… I am getting it, Michele, I’m starting to get it. 

is this man… zaddii???

Michele says in an ITM she’s feeling Emmanuel, and although he’s rough around the edges, she says “All uncut gems are a little bit rough”, and she feels like she could polish him up and make him “a shiny little diamond” by the end of it. CUTE! Emmanuel has an ITM afterward saying how him & Michele talk about everything. They about the game, they talk about life, sometimes they kiss, sometimes they snuggle, and it is ADORABLE, WTF. 

The next day, the alarm starts going off, sending the challengers in a tizzy to prepare for the daily challenge. Tori gives a quirky little reaction & Emmanuel kicks his slides off funny here, I’m, like, LOL, y’all are so silly!!

The challengers walk down a rockly ledge towards TJ who’s waiting for them by the ocean. Big T says, “Watch your step everyone, or don’t watch your step everyone, if you know what I mean.” LOLLLLL, Big T, why are you adorable as HELL?

big t hoping someone gets injured before the daily, LOL

TJ explains to everyone they’ll be playing “Sea Cave Recon” – They’ll start by jumping off a 30-foot cliff into the water, then they’ll have to swim into the cave, get their “bombs” and swim back out to this jet ski that will take them to a checkpoint where they have to swim the rest of the way. Once they get to shore, they have to put their bombs in this structure to “disarm them” and then the times will stop. The fastest pair wins the challenge. Let’s fucking ride!!! This is actually another kinda sick challenge, and I love all the drama we get from people being scared to jump, especially Mr. HUGHIE, LMAOOOO. YES, HUGHIE, GIVE ME THAT REALITY TV GOLD THAT I KNEW YOU COULD. Literally, Ashley & Hughie’s dynamic is EVERYTHING TO ME. EVERYTHING. 

Hughie first walks up and sees the jump and immediately you see terror fill his eyes. He calls out like a small child, “Oh my god, Ashley it’s high!” Ashley assures him he can do it, that everything is fine, that in fact, this is fun, it’s for kids! Kids do this! LMAOOOOO, I mean they do… ie. me at the quarries in college jumping off also a 30-foot cliff… but like NOT ACTUAL CHILDREN, LMAOOOO.


Hughie continues to tweak, Ashley continues to say it’s for kids, it’s fun, and then she says, “Here, look, I’ll push you” to which Hughie FREAKS OUT sending Ashley into hysteria, LMAOOOOOO. Ashley falls to the floor cursing the gods for giving her Hughie as a partner. Hughie defends himself in his whiny voice, “I can’t help that I’m scared!!!!!” HAHAHAHAHAH.

Hughie then starts to puke from fear, LMAOOOOOOO, Logan tells him “control the breathing” LMAOOOOOOOOOO. OKAY, ME IN MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT AND THEY’RE LIKE A-HA HA YA LET’S JUST BREATHE RIGHT QUICK, THAT’LL SOLVE EVERYTHINGGGGGGG. But actually he is correct that is an anxiety management technique, lol. 

After he pukes, he tells Ashley he doesn’t know if he can do it and starts to walk back up the hill . Ashley calls for him saying, “No, get your ass back down here. Get that big ass, back down here.” Then she gives him a couple spanks and says, “Get that big fake ass down here.” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Read for fucking FILTH, HUGHIE.

Hughie comes back down despite still feeling “terrified” and he and Ashley KISS AFTER HE FUCKING PUKED, WHAAAAAAT.

via Ashley’s insta LOL

So once they are FINALLY starting the challenge, TJ starts to count down, “1, 2-” and this is where Hughie literally starts losing his shit, yelling at TJ to stop, like a helpless child, LMAOOOO, he is FRANTIC. They use this as a cliffhanger (omg… kinda like.. literally.. get it? Cuz they’re on a cliff?)  LMAOOOOOO. Golden, golden, golden, top to the bottom baby. 

Hughie’s first countdown freak out….
Hughie’s second countdown freakout

Once we return, we see all the challengers jump, with Hughie about 3 seconds behind everyone else.  Now they have to start swimming into the cave for their bombs. 

Hughie says, “a lion starts to come out” of him, and he starts swimming like a BEAST. He says he’s swimming “so so fast, and it’s not from ability, it’s from solid fear. When a person is scared that they’re gonna die, they literally become a superhero” LMAOOOO, ALL IN THE GAY IRELAND ACCENT. I live for it. LIIIIIIIVE FOR IT.  I mean he ain’t wrong, use that adrenaline to your advantage babyyyy.

Fish Hughie

Hughie is the first to reach the shore and is YELLING for Ashley to hurry, PLEASE. But it’s all a wash because Ashley comes in after both Aneesa & Logan lock in their bombs. Hughie whines in exasperation, “Ashleyyyyy, we didn’t win. Ashleyyyyyy” LMAOOOO. I love this man.

Next up are Michele & Corey L and Ed & Tori… Everyone jumps in the water and immediately we see Michele turn around to face Corey with blood all down her face… Corey L says in an ITM he knows he can’t tell her because he doesn’t want to psych her out during the challenge.

Both pairs of challengers get to their jet skis at a similar time, but Ed & Tori finish first. 

This is when Tori finally asks Michele, “Michele, dude are you okay?” Michele’s, like… What? Tori’s, like, yeah, dude, you were gushing blood the whole time. Corey tells her she’s a fighter and Michele jokes about her “cute” nose bandage. YES Michele, I’m sorry you got hurt but you proved yourself!!

bird queen

Next up is Big T & Tommy and CT & Berna… Nothing too eventful happens, they remain neck & neck for most of the challenge, but as the challengers come in on the jet skis, Tommy’s pants fall down and all the challengers on the sidelines start cracking up, Hahahahahahah, Kaycee says “the moon is shining!”

As Tommy walks in, it’s clear he is 100000% naked, the pants are completely gone.

Cory says in an ITM, “I’ve seen more of a redhead than I’ve ever wanted to see in my life”. Esther says, “Maybe he just wanted to be free. Some people like to swim like that.” LOL. Hughie says in an ITM, “Not only is this a show, but it’s also dinner. I’m starting to really love this challenge, I’m so happy. I’m happy I came now.” LMAOOOOOOO, this is hilarious and also problematic slightly but obviously, he’s joking but still L O L.

After the challenge, we see Tommy laying on the ground with a towel haphazardly covering his junk. He rolls over and calls out, “I’m not okay”. The medics come over and he appears to be in roughhhhh shape. Big T, always one for dramatics says, “Stay with me, Tommy. Stay with me.” LMAOOOOO, BROOOOOOO, DO YOU THINK HE’S GOING TO DIE??? I would hope not, JESUS. 

Tommy says he comes to and realizes he’s more naked than he was on Survivor and now he’s starting to get scared. He doesn’t remember the end of the daily challenge. 

Mother-fricking CT comes back and everyone is chanting, “Show your butt”, and I’m, like, DO Y’ALL HAVE NO RESPECT FOR TOMMY WHO IS DYING LIKE 10 FEET AWAY??? LMAOOOO. Then he finishes the segment by calling out, “No fair, he was using 3 legs”, Oh. My. GOOOOOOD.

Next up are Jeremiah & Tacha and Cory & Bettina, and Jeremiah says this is different than the stuff he’s used to but, “Hey man, I’m a dog. I’m from the south, we built different, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t Michael Phelps, but we finna get this done.” At the very end, he calls for Tacha and him to “give the mean face” and it’s adorable AF. He’s an AMAZING interviewer, I see why they snipped him right up from Love Island after only presumably a few episodes. 

As soon as all four challengers jump in the water, Cory & Bettina take-off (Bettina seems? Decently athletic?) but Tacha is literally like a drowning cat (As Cory says in ITM), you see her and Jeremiah struggling. She’s holding on to the top of his head to keep her afloat and Jeremiah comes up and yells, “Tacha, get off me! I need to breathe!” I’m, like, oh no, no, no this is not a good start. And yeahhhhh they get DQ’ed, LOL.

Kaycee says in an ITM, “When you have a team like Tacha & Jeremiah who shit the bed and are both rookies… It’s put a huge target on them”. Foreshadowing, hunniiiii, we know these two are about to get targeted for elimination!!!

Next to go are a whole montage of people – First up are Priscillia & Nelson, and Esther & Fessy… Now we know Nelson has struggled in MANNNNYYY  a water challenge… But I believe it was on Double Agents where he said he had been taking swimming lessons (YES! As you should!!! As a challenger if you have a big weakness like swimming or running, or even some strength stuff..KNOW YOUR WEAKNESSES, and fix them from the last game!!), so I’m holding out for a hero this time with Nelly T!

Then we see Devin & Emy and Nany & Gabo go without many hangups, same with Kaycee & Emmanuel and Amber & Josh…. Now actually an important note, is that Josh and Amber… beat Kaycee & Emmanuel???? That’s pretty fucking impressive as we know Kaycee is one of the best women in the game, and Emmanuel has already proved himself to be no joke either… Okay, Josh & Amber, I see you????

joshs reaction to beating Kaycee LMAOOO

Lastly, are Amanda & Kyle – Kyle walks up to the jump terrified and Amanda yells at him, “Kyle, you’re gonna fucking DO IT.” LOLLLLLL. Another great team dynamic. Amanda jumps first and is FULLY IN THE WATER SCREAMING AT KYLE TO JUMP, LMAOOOOOOOOOO. But yeah then they finish the rest seemingly with no issues. Therein lies the end of the daily challenge!

After the challenge, TJ gathers everyone to reveal the results. The top 2 teams were separated by less than a second, but the new agency is ultimately Tori & Ed, damn!!!!!

You’ve GOT to be feeling pretty good if you’re Ed right about now…  You almost aren’t on the season… Then you go into elimination the first chance possible because you’re not only a rookie but a newer rookie than all the other rookies who were there since the beginning of the season… But then you WIN against all odds against A BEAST (Kelz), chose one of the most desired women partners in the game so far, Tori, and then you WIN THE NEXT DAILY CHALLENGE. R U KIDDING ME?? Ed is solidifying himself as a character on the next few seasons, ALREADYYYYYYYY. 

Big T is in an ITM as the challengers head back to the house saying she is scared that Tori is now in power. Last season, it was Big T’s idea to put Aneesa vs. Tori against each other in the elimination in I believe the 4th or 5th episode, which ultimately sent Tori home… It was a masterful, bold plan, and it worked!!! But now… Tori could DEFINITELY be out with AVENGENCE.

Tori & Ed for the SECOND time in the episode get the first entry back into the house, in which Ed yells out, “Honey, I’m home!” and they embrace in a long hug… Future romance, Tori?? Or business only?? You’ve been known to occasionally (frequently) mix business with pleasure. 😉 

Tori is talking to Devin and Aneesa later that night about game strategy which is… a change from Double Agents where they were in a hate-love-hate partnership that was very funny but based on sheer dislike? But it looks like that lil experience has brought them together or maybe just the fact that they’re both more tenured than a lot of the players left on the season now?

Tori says there are exactly 14 vets and 14 rookies left in the game (we started the game with 15 vets if you’ll recall, but with Nam leaving that left them with 14). She proposes throwing out another rookie-rookie team of Michele & Corey L since they’re threats, but Devin says oh, no, no, no, because they’re coming back and they will be pissed. Tori’s like, okay, so then what are you thinking???

Devin says he’s worried about Emmanuel because he has consistently been performing well & Berna because he sees her as a “chink in Nelson’s armor”, a distraction from the game, so to get Nelly T back on track, they’ve got to eliminate Berna. 

The next morning we see all the challengers either laying in bed, working out or in Devin’s case apparently teaching some sort of meditation class. 

Tommy returns to the house in full uniform & everyone asks if everything’s okay. He replies no, that he’s actually going home because he got a concussion and had to be medically discharged from the game. In an ITM he gets emotional because he says he wanted to compete – he left his fiance, his 4th-grade students, and he wanted to make them proud but now he can’t. They’ll still be proud of you, Tommy, you were on The Challenge!!

Michele says in an ITM Tommy was one of her closest allies in this game, and without him there, she feels really alone. 

Big T asks to talk to Tommy alone… They sit outside on a bed by the pool and Big T is crying and says, “I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Tommy actually has a very sweet response, saying it’s alright and he says if anything, just think of him in the morning when she’s too lazy to go on the treadmill, “Get your ass up, get on that treadmill, and that’s all I want to know is I had a part of you winning.” OKAY, TO BORROW A TERM FROM THE GREATEST REALITY TV PODCAST KNOWN TO MAN, GAME OF ROSES (SPORTS-TYPE-BREAKDOWN OF THE BACHELOR), THIS IS SO “4TRR” – For the right reasons. 

A classic debacle on The Bachelor is players accusing each other of being there “for the wrong reasons” ie. to advance their career, get famous, etc. which is detonated, “4TWR”, but then when someone acts in such a way that they seem so genuine & real & like they’re really there for the person??? That’s called being there “for the right reasons”, ie. “4TRR”. Ie. Tommy was just very 4TRR there insinuating Big T would win the whole season & if he helped her in any way, that’s enough for him! 

Big T’s in an ITM saying this was her “worst challenge day ever”, now that Tommy is leaving, Tori became in power, and all the vets are calling her a “rat” because she’s close with the rookies and therefore untrustable… Now we can understand a bit more why Big T is so emotional in this moment… She probably feels her whole game crumbling around her. I believe in you, Big T, you can turn this one around. ❤

The challengers all head to deliberation where they’ll vote in the first pair to go into elimination. Tori opens the deliberation as the agency, complimenting everyone for doing the challenge since it was probably the hardest of the season. Ashley immediately retorts, “Okay, we’re not here to fricken compliment each other, we’re here to figure out who’s going into elimination. So let’s stop playing these games.” LMAOOOOOOO. Hughie responds, “Jesus Christ, Cruella!” to which everyone laughs. 

Tacha starts talking saying she knows it’s a game and she’s here to play but never explicitly says she knows she’s going into elimination… just simply implies it… She cheers at the end indicating she’s ready to go in, and I’m like, Tacha… put up some fight, girl, please!!!

Immediately Devin’s, like, yeahhhhh this ain’t gonna fly, we need some mf drama up in this bitch, so he presents a question to Tacha, “If not you, then who?” Tacha responds with Michele & Corey L who both immediately start firing back – WHAT THE HECKKKKKKKKK? WHYYYYYYYY? And she’s, like, guys, I mean, we’re both rookies, like obviously, that’s the only reason, and I am also, like… Yes exactly, lol. 

Devin conTINUES to stir up shit for shit-stirring purposes ONLY, and says, “I’m looking at Big T and I don’t see Tommy standing behind her…” Why does Big T immediately become a target when her ROOKIE partner leaves??? She’s still a vet???? Y’all leave my girl alone, NOW. 

He essentially says it could be just a female elimination, and if you’re going in tonight without saying anything, you could regret it. Josh whispers to Big T she should speak, but she says she can’t or else she’ll explode. 

NANYYYY is an ITM for I feel like the FIRST TIME THIS SEASON OR AT LEAST IN A COUPLE EPS. Nany, wya??? She says something basically just for storyline purposes though, nothing revolutionary, she just says no one trusts Big T so she should definitely speak up. 

Big T says she’s getting fed up because she can have friends in this game and separate friendship and game. Then she names a bunch of friendship pairs, trying to say what about all of them?? Why don’t you target them?? To which Tori responds, you know what happens to friends in this game Big T, you put them against each other!!!! Dun, dun, DUNNNN.

TJ comes back on the screen indicating it’s time for the vote. The challengers all plug in their iPad votes and to no one’s surprise, the compromised agents are Tacha & Jeremiah. 

After the deliberation, Big T asks to speak to Tori outside, which I think is a GREAT MOVE. DON’T BACK AWAY FROM CONFRONTATION, FIGURE OUT WHAT’S GOING ON. She tells Tori she understands if she votes her into elimination because of what happened last season. Tori says she’s in an “interesting situation” and she has to “seriously weigh out the best option” for her… She says it’s not personal, but she has to play her game. There’s no reason for her to say anyone else’s game except for Big T’s.

Big T’s face is like BULL SHIT

Kyle is sitting with them and he says if Tori does vote for Big T to go down, does that mean the vets’ truce is off? Tori’s, like, do YOU think that’s what it’ll mean?? And Kyle, always the social EXPERT, says no, I’m not saying that, I’MMMM just saying that people will think that. Then directly in an ITM after he says if Tori does this it will DEFINITELY break the truce, LOL.

Then we see Tori in a bedroom with Tacha & Jeremiah asking who they want to go against because she wants them to come back. They say Michele & Corey L. Tacha says in an ITM her initial judgment of Tori was that she’s fake… But she thought it was sweet she asked who they wanted to go against, so maybe her judgement was wrong (spoiler, it wasn’t, or at least to Tacha, as we see her FLIPPPPPPPPP at the end of this episode, LOL).

Next we see Berna’s in a room snuggling with Nelson and hanging with Cory. She says she’s scared she’s going into elimination. Cory is so GOOD AT TV, he’s, like, you never know, Nelson might volunteer as tribute, he did that for me once! And they all laugh, but I’m, like… so Devin’s concerns… were precisely CORRECT. 

It’s finally elimination time!! Now… no one cares about this except for me, HOWEVER, Michele says something while the challengers prepare for elimination that was very BIG BROTHER-ESQUE. She says she’s scared she and Corey L will go into elimination in a “backdoor situation”… Okay now, y’all strap in as I explain this, okay?? Bear with me…

In Big Brother, the premise of the game is there are typically around ~16 “houseguests” that start the game and they all live in this house together where they don’t leave and are being filmed 24/7. How the game is played, is that there’s first an “HOH” or Head of Household competition… The person who wins gets to pick two other houseguests to put on “the block” which means they are the two options to be voted out of the house by the rest of the players that week.

But then additionally, there’s another competition later in the week called the “POV” or the Power of Veto… The HOH and the two players nominated on the block all pick 1 other player to play in this game, randomly in a drawing-type fashion, so 6 total people play the game. Whoever wins the POV, has the power to remove one of the nominations from the block, ie. yourself, or potentially your ally. If the veto is used, then the HOH has to nominate a different player to replace the one taken off the block. This is considered “the backdoor” because this newly on the block player has no options to fight for their safety in the veto, they just have to strategize around the house and hope they get enough votes to go against the other person on the block. The backdoors are only when the HOH had a plan of “backdooring” this player the whole time, so they put a “pawn” on the block, so this player doesn’t have the option to play in the veto….

SOOOOOOOOOOOO… Michele has it… kinda right, but also 100% wrong. It would be “backdoor-ish” in the sense that it would be a surprise if they were to be put in now? But also they still have the chance to fight for their safety via elimination so it’s not like a backdoor, at all. LOL, ANYWAY. 

Once at the elimination, TJ calls down Jeremiah & Tacha as the compromised agents. He then asks Tori & Ed who they will put in elimination against the compromised agents. Tori says a producer enforced spiel about how she has a history in this game with these people and sometimes history comes to bite you in the butt… cue a commercial break so we are lead to believe it’s going to be Big T??? But PSYCH we hear Tori’s full speech & she say’s, “But today’s not that day. So I’m sending in Berna.” Ed seconds her Berna vote, and that sends Berna down. They send down Corey L to go in with Berna. 

Then TJ drops a BOMB and says “Corey L & Jeremiah, hate to break it to you guys, but tonight… You guys will not be playing”… CLASSIC TJ… USING A MISLEADING WORD BUT THEN DELIVER GOOD NEWS. Stop that TJJJJJJ! I literally was not fooled for one moment.

So the elimination is now just Tacha vs. Berna and TJ tells them for the elimination they will be playing “Slipping up” – The challengers will have to build a ladder from this “v-shaped” structure with ladder poles that are different lengths, so they have to make sure to put them in the right spots. First to ring the bell at the top of the ladder wins. 

TJ blares the horn and the challengers are off! They seem to get off to a similar start, both steadily building their ladders. But they both begin to struggle once they get towards the top of their ladders, giving us, the viewer, the feeling that we won’t know who wins. 

Kyle has a funny comment (per usual obvi), LOL, he says, “I hear in this ear Nelson shouting, Berna come back! I love you! And in this ear, I hear Ashley ‘Tacha, come on! Fuck Nelson!” LMAOOOOO. 

This is where Berna incurs her nose injury that we saw in the initial trailer and the reason she has a scar on the left side of her nose in a lot of interviews. 

Tacha puts up a good fight, but Berna pulls through with the victory much to Nelson’s delight.

Tacha has some CHOICE words for Tori, she’s absolutely pissed she asked who they wanted to go against & then Tori ended up sending down her roommate. It gets SOOOOOOOO heated, Tori can’t even get a word in edgewise. Now THISSSSSS is the Tacha I was anticipating in this game!!! Don’t forget now she’s the one that got kicked out of Big Brother for fighting, EEEEEEK.

Now Berna gets to decide to switch her partner, but she stays loyal to CT, and for one second I thought she might switch to Nelson, but in that same second I forgot she was already with CTTTTTTTTTT. Yeah, you’d be an idiot to change.

This leaves partnerless Big T with Jeremiah and I’m like okay!! These two got some personality, I’m excited to see the partner dynamic to follow!

And that’s all for now folks!!! Thanks as ALWAYS for reading, it’s the best gift you could give me. Join me next week for Ep 4’s recap. 🙂 SEE YOU SOON. ❤

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